Cllr. P. Ames


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. D. Inch



Cllr. M. Edyvean

Cllr. G. Rowe

Cllr. Mrs. J. Oxenham


Cllr. Mrs. S. Tippett

Cllr. Mrs. I. Northey

Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood


Cllr. P. Jones

Cllr. Mrs. J. Norris






Chairman welcomed Mr. P. Jones and Mrs. J. Norris to the meeting this evening and suggested they listen in and see how they feel about joining us later tonight.



Apologies:- Councillor B. Higman



Public Forum:- None.




Members Declaration of Interest on items raised on the Agenda/Requests for Dispensation:- None.



Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report:- Cornwall Councillor J. Wood reported as follows:-

      There is not a lot to report, more that Adult Social Care is taking most of the funding.

      A30 Link road is onward going and Trezaise Road is being dealt with. Councillor D. Inch was very impressed with the liaison with regards to this area with the local parishioners.

Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor J. Wood for attending the meeting and reporting to the Parish Council.



Confirmation of Parish Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 10th October 2018:- Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 10th October 2018 as circulated be approved and signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor D. Inch)



Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 10th October 2018:-


Page 2 Min.240/18 A30 Link Road:- Clerk reported paperwork received had been circulated to Councillors and it appears Cornwall Council are liaising with the parishioners and keeping the Parish Council informed each time.


Page 2 Min.241/18 Police attendance at Parish Council Meetings:- Email received from Inspector Ed Gard - Thank you for your reply with regards to the Annual Parish Meeting. At this present time a Police Representative will be made available to attend that meeting. This date will be entered on our Calendar for 2019 for that purpose.


Page 3 Min.212/18 Land at St. Michaels Way:- Clerk reported a response had been received from Trigonal Estates as follows This area was subject to a development licence that benefitted RS Development and as such was their responsibility to maintain.  

There has since been a dispute with RS Developments and earlier this year I met the owners of the neighbouring property and agreed to clear and tidy back the area.  At this time the Estate also tidied the adopted Council verges and adjacent areas. The land is owned by Trigonal and I do not have any record of receiving any correspondence relating to it.  Incidentally, earlier this year we cleared the Sports Field for the Parish Council even though it was the Parishes responsibility - this was done promptly, at substantial cost, after squatters vacated the site having left a terrible mess.  The Estate takes its role and responsibilities as a landowner very seriously. I would be happy to meet to discuss the future of this ground and agree a suitable maintenance regime moving forward. It was agreed to arrange a meeting and discuss this Action: Clerk and Councillor D. Inch to meet, preferably on a late afternoon on a Friday.


Page 3 Min.99/17 Post Box Removal:- Clerk reported the new post box had been installed on Friday the 2nd November opposite the junction of Springfield Way on Tregarrick Road. The apologised and hope this would be good news for local residents.


Page 3 Min.177/18 28,000 Section 106 Funding for Mr. McHatties Planning- Clerk reported no updates had been received to date Action: Keep Pending.




























Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Any Letters received for or against any Planning Applications:-


Planning Applications:-


PA18/07548 Mr. Tom Burton To refurbish the existing cottage which is currently derelict into a cottage dwelling with small timber frame extension for second bedroom and storage, Belowda Mine, B3274 Between Kernick Road Junction and Beacon Road, Belowda, Roche Support (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor J. Wood)


PA18/07549 Mr. Tom Burton Listed building consent to refurbish the existing cottage which is currently derelict into a cottage dwelling with small timber frame extension for second bedroom and storage, Belowda Mine, B3274 Between Kernick Road Junction and Beacon Road, Belowda, Roche Support (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor J. Wood)


PA18/07692 Cardtronics UK Ltd., Trading as Cashzone The retention of an automated teller machine and associated signage, Cornish Gateway Services, Victoria, Roche Support (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey)


PA18/07693 Cardtronics UK Ltd., Trading as Cashzone Advertisement Consent for the retention of 1 no. illuminated surround sign and 1 no. illuminated logo panel, Cornish Gateway Services, Victoria, Roche Support (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey)


For information only - PA18/02987/PREAPP - Terry Murch Pre application advice for new HGV access to serve 3,000m2 lorry parking facility, with 2 no. portacabins. The site is already in use for vehicular parking but is accesses via the adjacent field. The proposals intend to offer access directly from the carriageway, Stuarts Truck and Bus, Victoria Business Park, Roche

PA18/00003/SPD - Cornwall Council Draft Housing Supplementary Planning Document Six week consultation period


Planning Results Received:-


PA18/05719 Mr. Paul Tamblyn Erection of a bungalow outline with all matters reserved, 16 Higher Trezaise, Roche Approved


PA18/06413 Ms. Newman Retrospective application for the use of a previously approved two storey side extension (08/01037) as a two bedroom dwelling, 23 Edgcumbe Road, Roche Approved


PA17/06842 Mr. J. Buckland Proposed 1 x Affordable Semi-detached house, 2A Wheal Rose, Roche Road, Bugle Approved


PA18/0897 Mrs. T. Moorehouse Proposed self contained Annex to accommodate family members. To replace existing garage, 68 Harmony Road, Roche Approved

























Monthly Accounts for Approval:- It was proposed that the Council approve the accounts for payments as listed below as circulated on schedule (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey) Motion Carried

Salary, Pensions, National Insurance, Income Tax and Expenses




November 2018

British Gas Toilet Electric


October 2018

EDF Energy


Street Lighting

Biffa Waste Services Limited


September 2018

Wicksteed Leisure Limited


Rocking Horse Part

AJH Services Waste Bins/Park


October 2018

AJH Services Toilet Cleaning


October 2018

Crystal Clear Bus Shelter Cleaning


October 2018

Parish Magazine Printing


2 Page Insert

Cornwall Council NNDR Mortuary


November 2018

DMC IT Website Updating


October 2018

Roche Victory Hall Social Club


Hire Hall 14/11/18

Biffa Waste Services Limited


October 2018

Parish Magazine Printing



Crystal Clear Bus Shelter Cleaning


November 2018

Roche PCC


Remembrance Day

Roche Brass


Remembrance Day

Mr. B. Andrews


Remembrance Day

Ms. Maria Brett


Small Grant

Lanhydrock Garden Services



Lanhydrock Garden Services


Cemetery Trees

Lanhydrock Garden Services



Receipt: Drew Memorials - Memorial



Receipt: Drew Memorials - Memorial



Receipt: Lloyds Bank Interest


November 2018

Receipt: Cornwall Council Interest


October 2018

Action: Remembrance Donations to Roche PCC and Roche Brass to be included on the next agenda to discuss.

Action: Letter of thanks to Guides and Brownies for putting up plastic soldiers.

























Annual Precept:- It was resolved that Councillor J. Wood seeks clarification on capping and Clerk to re-send completed precept paperwork to Councillors (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett) Action: Next Agenda for resolution.

Cllr. J. Wood/ Clerk


Vacancies of Parish Councillors:- Chairman asked Mr. P. Jones and Mrs. J. Norris if they were interested in joining the Parish Council now they had chance to listen in. Clerk explained in more details the role of the Parish Council and what we own and manage. Councillor D. Inch advised we needed Parish Councillors that were going to become involved fully. Both were keen to join the Parish Council. It was resolved to appoint both members and they duly signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office this evening (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey) Action: Clerk to inform Cornwall Council and obtain full details of addresses, contact numbers, emails from both.








Emergency/Required Works in the Parish Delegated Powers for Chairman and Vice-Chairman:- It was resolved to grant delegated powers to Chairman and Vice-Chairman to spend up to the sum of 1,500 if required and call an emergency meeting for anything over this amount (Proposed: Councillor M. Edyvean; Seconded: Councillor P. Jones) Action: Clerk to update Financial Regulations.





A Way Forward for the Tennis Court Area:- Councillor J. Wood reported on the discussion about joining this to the playing fields so the tennis courts are accessible from this area, it would be easier for parents to also supervise. We would need to make it a sensible access and an open access for now. Councillor J. Wood suggested obtaining a costing for opening the entrance. Councillor D. Inch suggested identifying what we want with a small plan being drawn up and then to go out to tender. Councillors to sketch some ideas up and present to the Parish Council. Councillor J. Wood proposed amalgamating the Tennis Courts with the Playing Fields, Seconded by Councillor D. Inch Action: Next Agenda.


Clerk reported works should be carried out soon by the Maintenance Company for works required.






Cllrs/ Clerk


Cameras for Roche Football Club/Field/Tennis Courts (Including Waste Bins for Roche Football Club Car Park):- Clerk reported she has spoken to PJI Security and they would be looking at the area for camera suggestions over the next couple of weeks and would get back to us with recommendations Action: Keep Pending.

Waste Bins for Roche Football Club Car Park:- A request had been received for at least two waste bins to be located in the Car Park owned by the Parish Council. Clerk reported she had spoken to AJH Services and it would be an additional 21.00 a month to empty these two waste bins including the one outside Poachers which she has been emptying free of charge since the pub closed. It was resolved to move the waste bin from the Poachers to the Roche Football Club (Proposed: Councillor M. Edyvean; Seconded: Councillor G. Rowe) Action: Clerk.


Clerk reported she had now received details from Wicksteed and MPL for supplying and fitting and would inform the Insurance company. There was just the invoice for the Harris fencing that would need to be forwarded separately when received. Councillor M. Edyvean requested the Clerk passes to the Insurance and then ask MPL and Wicksteed to deal with between themselves and arrange delivery and installation Action: Clerk.
















Old Lane Maintenance and Street Light at the end:- Clerk reported the area needed a tidy up once all leaves had fallen, she had also discussed with Councillor D. Inch for the cutting back of the some of the branches of the trees which may help with the light situation somewhat. Maintenance costs for the two planters at the end had been received to clear and fill with cement. It had also been noticed that the top end near Victoria Road is still very dark when walking early evening now and it felt rather uncomfortable and unsafe so the Clerk was in liaison with Cornwall Council and WPD to obtain prices and was waiting for information. It was resolved to obtain quote for trees and wait for other information (Proposed: Councillor; Seconded: Councillor) Action: Councillor D. Inch to obtain two quotations. In the meantime, Clerk to look back through accounts to check on payment received for funding towards the last light and if not shown to liaise with Lisa Grigg to establish whether we had been sent the funding and when, it was noted that Cornwall Councillor J. Wood had put in originally for this and Clerk had finalised paperwork Action: Clerk.







Cllr. D. Inch




Update - Councillor Email Addresses and Website:- Cornwall Councillor J. Wood was waiting for a reply from Legal and he would follow up again Action: Next Agenda.

Clerk/ Cllr. J. Wood


Cemetery Matters (Including (a) Any Applications for Memorials or Inscriptions and querying of costings: (b) Finishing off right-hand side Memorial Ash Garden ready for future use; (c) Extension to Cemetery; (d) Bench(s) for Cemetery/Village):- Application from Kerrow Memorials for a memorial tablet in the Garden of Rest for the late Desmond Philp Action: It was resolved to accept this application as per our rules and regulations, with the proviso all sizes and payments are accurate (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor M. Edyvean) Motion Carried


Application from Kerrow Memorials for three pots down the centre of the existing cover slab for the late Lorraine Johns Action: It was resolved to accept this application as per our rules and regulations, with the proviso all sizes and payments are accurate, payment for the three vases to be 54.00 each (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor M. Edyvean) Motion Carried


Application from Drew Memorials for a memorial tablet in the Garden of Rest for the late Elizabeth Jane Osborne Action: It was resolved to accept this application as per our rules and regulations, with the proviso all sizes and payments are accurate (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor M. Edyvean) Motion Carried


Finishing off right-hand side Memorial Ash Garden ready for future use:- Clerk reported this would be dealt with by the general builder and a meeting would be arranged with him to discuss length of time, materials and when he would carry out the work, it would more than likely be in the spring now.


Bench(s) for Cemetery/Village:- Clerk reported she had heard from one person who would like to put a bench up in the Cemetery and she was waiting for further information from them. They asked if the Parish Council would be happy for them to put it on the cement base next to the Memorial Garden?


It was resolved to write to people who had original bench in place that someone has come forward to put a new bench and would they mind or like to contribute? It was suggested that Margaret Strongman may know who it is Action: Clerk


























Playing Fields Update (Including Repairs):- Councillor M. Edyvean reported MPL should have turned up this week to carry out repairs and he will call in the morning to find out when they will be attending. The park is in tip top condition. The trampoline area is being dealt with by the Clerk and he is concerned how youngsters are treating this area. There are a group of children that are causing so much vandalism in the Parish recently and this is a matter of concern and he advises people to continually report them. People are travelling from other villages to use our playing field which is a good sign. The willow needs tidying up again Action: Councillor D. Inch would speak with Lanhydrock Garden Services.


Councillor M. Edyvean reported the light has still not been replaced on the Playing Field hedge. Clerk said she would follow up again Action: Clerk.






Cllr. D. Inch




Roche Public Conveniences/Bus Shelters:-


Roche Public Conveniences:- None.


Bus Shelters:- Bus Shelter on Edgcumbe Road Clerk reported she had agreed with Councillor D. Inch to leave this in abeyance for the time being and get the more important jobs done first, due to the length of time and other factors. It was resolved to leave off the agenda and leave it in place (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor M. Edyvean) Action: Clerk








Footpath Signs/Matters (Including Confirmation of Definitive Map Modification Order Addition of a Footpath, Bridleways and a Restricted Byway together with Upgrade of Footpath to Bridleway at Rosemellyn and Hallew):- Councillor M. Edyvean to read through and report back to the next meeting Action: Next Agenda.





Sub-Committee to form a Working Group Party for the Village Street/Road Signs in the Village/Parish and general tidy up of the Village/Parish as a whole:- Clerk reported she had not met with parishioners but had been in contact with them and they replied as follows:-


David Edwards I am quite prepared to support any future Parish Council organised litter pick as a volunteer, but I do not wish to be involved in organising of the event, or distributing and collecting the equipment.


Vicky Bundy - Myself my partner and our son (in his buggy) were all set to do the last litter pick.  There were two other gentleman that had attended previous dates also there. I think it would be good if you could get in touch with them?  They were very keen and I am sure be interested in meeting up.  If you do not have their contact details maybe via the Roche news?  I am sure they would be willing to do more picks and we would be happy to join in if we are free.  Do you think a date could be set for us all to get together? I would be happy to meet to plan more dates and having the small store and equipment sounds great.


It was resolved to arrange a meeting with the volunteers, with Clerk and Councillor J. Wood Action: Clerk















Articles for Parish Council Website/Newsletter:- Any items from this month to be amalgamated with next month for the January Newsletter.



Correspondence Clerk listed correspondence and actions required:-

1.    Cornwall Hospice Care - Grant for Cornwall Hospice Care

2.    Cornwall Councils Pensions - Cornwall Pension Fund Employer Newsletter (October 2018)

3.    Cornwall Council Bulletin re draft budget stakeholder briefing event

4.    Cornwall Council - Localism Summits 2018

5.    Great Western Railway - No rail services into London Paddington

6.    Cruse Bereavement Care in Cornwall appeal

7.    Great Western Railway Update on Paddington Rail Services

8.    Alan Percy - Cornwall Local Plan Affordable Housing and Housing Apportionment

9.    Cornwall Council - Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Consultation - 19th October to 30th November 2018

10. Cornwall Council Pensions Employers Meeting

11. Cornwall Council Pensions Memorandum of Understanding

12. Cornwall Council - Reminder re Stakeholder budget event, 6.30pm on 7th November 2018

13. Came & Company Insurance - Council Matters Autumn 2018

14. 2018 Budget News from Steve Double MP

15. Great Western Railway - Dawlish railway line to be closed tomorrow morning

16. Cornwall Council - Planning Agents Newsletter - Autumn 2018

17. Cornwall Council - Town & Parish Newsletter - October 2018

18. Cornwall Council Pensions - Pensions Administration Strategy

19. Alan Percy - Cornwall Local Plan Affordable Housing and Housing Apportionment

20. Cornwall Council - Neighbourhood Plan E-Bulletin (October 2018)

21. Steve Double MP Business Rates on Public Conveniences

22. November 2018 e-news from Steve Double MP

23. Great Western Railway - Dawlish Re-opening

24. Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Newsletter

25. CRCC- Funding Workshops

26. Clerks & Councils Direct Magazine (Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett)

27. Cornwall Council's Draft Budget Consultation - Community Networks Cluster Meeting

28. Steve Double - Meet your MP Bugle

29. Latest news from the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

30. Great Western Railway - Services through Dawlish tonight

31. University of Plymouth Planning Aid England Survey of Parish and Town Councils

32. Cornwall Council Pensions - November 2018 Employer Newsletter

33. Savills Development potential of land Action: Invite to January Meeting allowing a time limit of 20 minutes Parish Council to agree next month what we want to say to them when they attend.































To arrange any Sub-Committee Meetings required:- None.



Any Urgent Matters the Chairman considers relevant for this meeting:- Councillor M. Edyvean raised the subject of having a Christmas Tree again this year. There is no electricity in the area where we had it last year so he has looked elsewhere. He suggested approaching the Pharmacy putting one inside the wall by the bus shelters, young farmers put a hole there years ago, get electricity from pharmacy and reimburse for electricity. Councillor Mrs. I. Northey suggested The Hollies, Councillor D. Inch reported there was one in their garden last year.

Councillor D. Inch would be happy to liaise with the Pharmacy about putting one up and Councillor M. Edyvean would speak with Chris Tryell about supplying a Christmas tree. It was suggested we donate a sum of 60.00 for him to put a light up on the entrance and in turn he allows us to put a Christmas tree up at the front Action: Councillors D. Inch and M. Edyvean.






Cllrs. D. Inch/ M. Edyvean


Date of next Meeting:- Wednesday the 12th December 2018 at 6.30pm in the Roche Victory Hall Large Committee Meeting Roche, Roche Victory Hall.

Clerk reported she had booked holiday from 1st May to 11th May 2019 Action: Clerk to change meeting date and liaise by email with Councillors.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.48 pm











Date: 12th December 2018