J.E. BURDON (MRS)                        1 Treburdon Drive,

Parish Clerk                                       Roche,

Tel: 01726 890983                             ST. AUSTELL,

Mob: 078899718000                          Cornwall.  PL26 8QB





Dear Councillor,


I hereby give notice of a meeting of Roche Parish Council to be held IN THE ROCHE VICTORY HALL MAIN HALL on MONDAY, 10TH JANUARY 2022 at 6.30pm – Councillors please remember to wear your masks to the meeting and hand sanitize on entry and social distance. I trust this will be convenient for you. 


Councillors are requested that all mobile phones be switched onto silent for the duration of the meeting.  

Note:  For further details about planning applications, note the reference number(s) and go to the Cornwall Council Website prior to the meeting please to view:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Yours sincerely,


Julie Burdon,

Clerk to Roche Parish Council.



The following business to be transacted:-

  1. Apologies for non-attendance
  2. Public Forum – If anything received
  3. Members Declaration of Interest in items raised on the Agenda/Requests for Dispensation
  4. Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report – to be emailed prior to the meeting
  5. Confirmation of Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 86th December 2021
  6. Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on the 6th December 2021
  7. Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Any letters received for or against any Planning Applications – (a) PA21/11665 – Lord Matthew Taylor – Proposed single storey extension, The Old Rectory, Fore Street, Roche; (b) PA21/11666 – Lord Matthew Taylor – Listed Building Consent for a proposed single storey extension, The Old Rectory, Fore Street, Roche; (c) PA21/11750 – MRMU – One internally illuminated badge box sign and one digital over-door sign to main elevation of amenity building, Cornish Gateway Services, Victoria, Roche; (d) PA21/09390 – D’Agostino & Chasey – Listed Building Consent for the renovation of Brynn Mill and attached cottage (Historic Asset) with small design change and amendments to design of separate new dwelling (enabling development) approved under PA15/11460 and PA13/07737, Brynn Mill, Road from Demelza Road to Brynn Mill, Roche; (e) PA21/12543 – Mrs. Clare Eddy – Proposed overhead pole work at Victoria, Roche, namely to run a third wire approximately 222m in length between existing poles numbered 43XF17 through to 43XF17B. In additional WPD will be required to erect 9 new poles and 7 stay wires to support approximately 580m of three wire HDC conductors as well as a pole with a lazy leg pole to support a new pole mounted transformer (PMT). From this PMT WPD will take an underground cable to provide the new connection, Street Record, Victoria, Roche; (f) PA21/12636 – C/Agent – Screening request under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Regulations 2017) : Residential Development of up to 150 dwellings, play area and provision of open space, Land North of Harmony Road, Edgcumbe Road, Roche; Planning Results Received:- (a) PA21/07933 – Mr. & Mrs. Jon Dennis – Proposed single storey extension, refurbishment of existing kitchen and associated works, 19 Shires Way, Roche – Approved; Planning Correspondence Received:- (a) PA21/03082/PREAPP – 200 Homes north of Harmony Road; (b) PA21/11221 – Mr. Rid – Email confirming application will be withdrawn
  8. Planning Enforcement Items
  9. Monthly Accounts for Approval
  10. Update on Finances and Wind Turbine Funding
  11. Cemetery Matters (Including any applications for memorials or inscriptions)
  12. Minor Repairs/Works in the Parish that may arise
  13. Playing Fields, Hardcourt Area, Skateboard Park
  14. Roche Public Conveniences/Bus Shelters
  15. Footpath Signs/Matters
  16. Update on Duck Pond
  17. Update on Youth Club for Roche
  18. HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Wildflower Planting (Including Letter from Roche Victory Hall Social Club in respect of Celebrations for the Jubilee Weekend  - Sunday 5th June 2022
  19. Screen to be installed for use by the Parish Council for Meetings and other organisations
  20. Village Regeneration Works/Working Party for the Village
  21. Update on Double Yellow Lines at Tregarrick Road Roche
  22. Vision Zero South West – Successful Grant Application – Next Steps
  23. New Estate for Tregothnan Estates including Section 106 Funding and Play Area Discussion
  24. Update on Discussions with Tregothnan Estates regarding additional leased land at the Roche Football Club/Roche Cricket Club
  25. Articles for Parish Council Website/Newsletter
  26. Correspondence received to date by email and post
  27. To arrange any Sub-Committee Meetings required
  28. Any urgent matters the Chairman considerers relevant for this meeting (For Information Only and any Items that may be required to include on the next agenda)
  29. Date of Next Meeting – Monday 7th February 2022
  30. Closed Items to the Public and Press – If required