J.E. BURDON (MRS)                        1 Treburdon Drive,

Parish Clerk                                       Roche,

Tel: 01726 890983                             ST. AUSTELL,

Mob: 078899718000                          Cornwall.  PL26 8QB





Dear Councillor,


I hereby give notice of a meeting of Roche Parish Council to be held BY MICROSOFT TEAMS ON-LINE on WEDNESDAY, 13TH JANUARY 2021 at 6.30pm.  I trust this will be convenient for you. 


Yours sincerely,


Julie Burdon,

Clerk to Roche Parish Council.



The following business to be transacted:-

  1. Apologies for non-attendance
  2. Public Forum – If anything received
  3. Members Declaration of Interest in items raised on the Agenda/Requests for Dispensation
  4. Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report – to be emailed prior to the meeting
  5. Confirmation of Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 9th December 2020
  6. Matters Arising from the Monthly Meeting held on the 9th December 2020
  7. Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Any letters received for or against any Planning Applications – (a) PA20/09997 – Mr. John Stanhope – Two storey rear extension to create dining room and two bedrooms, Windy Willows, Bodmin Road, Bilberry, Bugle; (b) PA20/10328 – Mr. Lee Needham – Residential development of two 3 bedroom houses, and one 4 bedroom house with detached garage/annexe/play room, 20 Charles Street, Bugle; Planning Results Received:- (a) PA20/07816 – Miss Zoe Teague – Single-Storey rear extension with a flat roof to the property, 8 Rock View Parc, Roche – Approved; (b) PA20/07904 – Mr. Jason Buckland – Two four bedroom semi-detached dwellings, Land Adjacent to 6 Wheal Rose, Roche Road, Bugle – Approved; (c) PA20/10192 – Nicola Bullen – Non material amendment in relation to Decision Notice PA19/02780 dated 3rd June 2019 (Conversion of existing barn to a single residential dwelling-house) to allow changes to approved openings, Belowda Barn, Belowda Road, Belowda, Roche - Approved
  8. Monthly Accounts for Approval, which will be emailed to Councillors prior to the meeting
  9. Approval of Updated Precept Figure and Budget as circulated, along with approval of List of Reserves for 2021
  10. Review of Solar Grant and Small Grant Applications and outstanding application from St. Gomonda’s Church for the Bells
  11. Discussion on Parish Council Email Addresses for Councillors and Costs involved
  12. Discussion on Professional Version of Microsoft Teams Software for holding on-line Meeting and Costs Involved
  13. Code of Conduct – Consultation from Cornwall Council (See Email from Simon Mansell circulated)
  14. Cemetery Matters (Including (a) Any applications for memorials or inscriptions; (b) Either Removal or Replacement of Metal Shed in Cemetery; (c) Moles in Cemetery and Playing Fields)
  15. Minor Repairs/Works in the Parish that may arise
  16. Support Project for the Village
  17. St. Austell to A30 Link Road – Email from Designers of the project
  18. Playing Fields and Hardcore Area
  19. Roche Public Conveniences/Bus Shelters (Including Costs and support for Bus Shelter Seating in the Wooden Shelters)
  20. Footpath Signs/Matters
  21. Working Group Party for the Village - Street/Road Signs in the Village/Parish and general tidy up of the Village/Parish as a whole
  22. Articles for Parish Council Website/Newsletter
  23. Correspondence received to date by email and post
  24. To arrange any Sub-Committee Meetings required
  25. Any urgent matters the Chairman considers relevant for this meeting (For Information Only and any Items that may be required to include on the next agenda)
  26. Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 10th February 2021
  27. Closed Items to the Public and Press – If required


Councillors are requested that all mobile phones be switched onto silent for the duration of the meeting.