Cllr. D. Inch


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. G. Rowe



Cllr. Mrs. I. Northey

Cllr. P. Jones

Cllr. Mrs. J. Norris


Cllr. Mrs. S. Tippett

Cllr. D. Yelland

Cllr. M. Edyvean


Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood







Apologies:- Councillor P. Ames



Public Forum:-  None.  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood suggested putting up a beginner’s guide to join our Parish Council Meetings.  He suggested putting something in the Parish Magazine and Facebook Action: Clerk.




Members Declaration of Interest on items raised on the Agenda/Requests for Dispensation:- Councillor Mrs. J. Norris declared a non-registerable interest in planning application PA20/07819 for Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Jean Carhart.



Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report:-  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood reported  he made strong representation on the 150 houses and he received some sympathy.  It was a split vote. 


He had a parishioner recently contact him regarding a conservatory erection in Mayfield Drive and they had concerns regarding the removal of a wall, which had not been submitted to the Parish Council or Cornwall Council.  He would liaise with the Clerk so the Parish Council could inform Cornwall Council of the situation Action: Clerk/Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.


He has been having talks with employers regarding expansion of Victoria Park and these are big distribution companies and will bring a lot of jobs and we are in need of this.  He would advise them strongly to contact the Parish Council to discuss moving forward.  There are two companies wanting to set up distribution centres.  He would like to see monies coming into the village rather than the central pot, as this would give more of a community benefit.


Councillor G. Rowe suggested when the Neighbourhood Plan was created there was something included with regards to expanding the Victoria Business Industrial Estate.


Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor J. Wood for his report this evening.




Clerk/ Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood


Confirmation of Parish Minutes from the Meeting held on the 9th September 2020:- Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 9th September 2020 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and to be duly signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor G. Rowe)



Matters Arising from the Monthly Minutes of the Meeting held on the 9th September 2020:-


Page 1 Min.218/20 Agenda on Website:-  Clerk reported she had followed up and Dinah Crellin had made her apologises as this was her error.

Page 2 Min.315/19 Voluntary Community Benefit PA19/06776:-  Clerk reported this had now been received in the sum of £7,500.00.


Page 2 Min.315/19 Sheds erected on the junction of Belowda:-  Clerk reported that Cornwall Councillor J. Wood is continuing to follow this matter up, however, with Covid-19 a lot of matters are currently on hold Action: Keep Pending.  John said enforcement are looking at this but nothing to report currently.


Page 2 Min.289/19 Caravans in Roche Parish at Tregoss:-  Clerk reported that Cornwall Councillor J. Wood is continuing to follow this matter up, however, with Covid-19 a lot of matters are currently on hold Action: Keep Pending.  John said enforcement are looking at this but nothing to report currently.


Page 2 Min.117/20 Works by MPL in Playing Fields:-  Clerk reported that Danny from MPL had not responded to further email sent, along with contacting Contractors at Cormac who Wicksteed had recommended Action: Keep Pending.


Page 2 Min.179/20 Fitting and Supply of Basketball Hoops and Backboards:-  Clerk reported apologies had been received as they need to speak to the Scheduling Department and arrange a new date to instal Action: Keep Pending.


Page 2 Min.201/20 Staining of Noticeboard:-  Clerk reported the noticeboard had been stained but only on the outside which was a little disappointing.


Page 6 Min.226/20 Small Crisis Grants:-  Email received advising they will be meeting with the Grant Officer from Cornwall Community Foundation to discuss the possibility of accessing more crisis grant funding to pass on to people from Roche Parish as they did not expect the remaining pot for crisis grants outside of Treverbyn Parish to last much beyond the end of this year.


Page 8 Min.231/20 Nominations for Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall:-  Email received advising they understand how difficult it is to separate all the good works going on in communities, however, the Lord-Lieutenant would be happy to write individually to key groups in your area if you felt able to identify them and discreetly obtain postal addresses.  Some other parishes, for example, have sent in a number of nominations covering different aspects of voluntary work being done.  However, of course this is at your discretion and if your Parish Council would prefer just the one all-encompassing letter of thanks then we will honour that.  Do let me know what you think as the Lord-Lieutenant has asked me to double check with you?  It was agreed to send details of all local organisations that we recently helped with funding from the last meeting, including The Hollies Staff Action: Clerk.


Page 8 Min.233/20 Remembrance Day Service:- Clerk reported she had wreaths now for organisations that requested them.  The Order of Service had been put on the Parish Council Website and details on Facebook refer people to this.









Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood


Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood

























Confirmation of Parish Minutes from the Extra-Ordinary Meeting held on the 28th September 2020:- Resolved the Minutes of the Extra-Ordinary Meeting held on the 28th September 2020 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and to be duly signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor G. Rowe; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. J. Oxenham)



Matters Arising from the Monthly Minutes of the Extra-Ordinary Meeting held on the 28th September 2020:-


Page 2 Min.248/20 Notices for Side Roads Order:- Email received from Steve Gudge advising that if any Members do have any local queries regarding the scheme, or you would like him to attend a future meeting to follow up on progress and highlight potential programmes, then he is very happy to do that.


Page 4 Min.251/20 Distribution of Government Grant:-  Clerk reported this had been distributed as agreed and all organisations had sent emails/letters of thanks to the Parish Council in appreciation of this financial assistance.


Page 4 Min.252/20 Skateboard Park in Hardcourt Area:-  Clerk reported all information had been circulated and she had now arranged a breakdown summary of where the skateboard parks area, contact numbers, the cost incurred, and which suppliers were used.


Page 4 Min.253/20 Updated Regulations & Fees:-  Clerk reported the new information had been sent out to Funeral Directors and Memorial Masons.













Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Any Letters received for or against any Planning Applications:-  Clerk reported that proposals for planning applications will be sent with the following statement:-  Due to the restrictions placed on the Parish Council as a result of the pandemic coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of Members of Roche Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the Parish Council.


Planning Applications:-


Councillor Mrs. J. Norris declared a non-registerable interest in respect of the following application and abstained from the discussion:-

PA20/07819 – Mr. & Mrs. Tony and Jean Carhart – Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with a dormer bungalow, Lelanta, Penstraze Lane, Victoria, Roche – Support (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey)


PA20/07899 – Mr. Alfred Crocker – Certificate of Lawful Development for an Existing Use of land for residential family site for 5 caravans, The Nook, Bowling Green, Bugle – Go with Treverbyn Parish Council recommendations (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett)


PA20/08396 – CRHA Cornwall Rural Housing Association – The proposed scheme aims to deliver a pitched roofed, single storey, bedroom and bathroom extension to enable ground floor living for a disabled occupant, 8 Harmony Meadow, Roche - Support (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey)


PA20/07904 – Mr. Jason Buckland – Two four-bedroom semi-detached dwellings, Land Adjacent to 6 Wheal Rose, Roche Road, Bugle - Support (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett)


Planning Results:-


PA19/06238 – Mr. & Mrs. Buckland – Eight 3-bedroom semi-detached affordable houses (Plots 27-34) Wheal Rose, Roche Road, Bugle – Refused


PA20/04703 – Mr. & Mrs. Jon Stephens – Refurbish the existing outside toilet, remove the poorly constructed “link” area between the existing kitchen and utility room; construct a single storey extension connecting the kitchen and utility room, removal of the existing kitchen windows to create an archway, 29 Harmony Road, Roche – Approved


Planning Correspondence:-  Email from Cornwall Council – EN20/00349 Isabel Rose – Chris Cooper-Young confirmed he had spoken to Cornwall Councillor J. Wood regarding the ongoing investigation; a chalet/lodge/caravan has been delivered to the site but to get it on site they have cut a swathe through the SSSI.  He asked to arrange to visit the site as a priority and then make contact with DEFRA re: the damage to the SSSI and the Devon & Cornwall Police Wildlife Officer regarding the damage to wildlife, should you witness this. He would be  available for a site visit should they need another pair of eyes.


Email from Cornwall Council – PA20/08510 – Records of Roche TPO.


Email from CALC – Planning for the Future – Government Consultation on Changes to the Planning System


Councillor M. Edyvean left the meeting at 6.50pm.






































Monthly Accounts for Approval:- It was proposed that the Council approve the accounts for payments as listed below as circulated on schedule (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey;  Seconded: Councillor G. Rowe) Motion Carried

Salaries, Pensions, National Insurance, Income Tax and Expenses


October 2020

Roche Football Club


Solar Grant

Bob Thomas Tarmacdam Contractor


Surface Works

Trevibban Mill



Crystal Clear – Bus Shelter Cleaning


September 2020

Mrs. J. Burdon


Purchase Flowers

DC Professional Services


Noticeboard Maint.

British Gas – Electric for Toilets



Duchy Cemetery’s Limited – Interment



South West Water – Toilets



EAH Boscawen Cornish Estate


Football Club Rent

EAH Boscawen Cornish Estate


Cricket Club Rent

Keith Perks & Son


Mole Removal

Crystal Clear – Waste Bins/Litter Picking


September 2020

Cornwall Council – NNDR October 2020


Mortuary Building

Roche Brass Band


Government Grant

Roche Football Club


Government Grant

Roche Cricket Club


Government Grant

Roche Lions Club


Government Grant

Roche Guides


Government Grant

Roche Young Farmers


Government Grant

Roche Methodist Church


Government Grant

Roche Second Wind


Government Grant

Roche First Brownies


Government Grant

1st Roche Rainbows


Government Grant

Roche RAOB Buffs


Government Grant

St. Gomanda’s PCC


Government Grant

Wednesday 55 Club


Government Grant

Roche Pantomime Players


Government Grant

Roche Rockers WI


Government Grant

Roche Scout Group


Government Grant

EDF Energy – Street Lighting in Park



Complete Weed Control


Autumn 2020

Cornwall Waste Solutions Limited


Empty Waste Bin

Lanhydrock Garden Services


Tree Maintenance

Lanhydrock Garden Services



Arthur Gallagher Insurance


Premium Renewal

Wayne Kendall


Harris Fencing

Lanivet Parish Council – Burial



Crystal Clear – Bus Shelter Cleaning


October 2020

Eric Brown Plumbing & Heating


Toilet Maintenance

AJH Services – Toilet Cleaning


September 2020

Receipt: Roche Football Club


Lease Agreement

Receipt: Roche Cricket Club


Lease Agreement

Receipt: Memorials of Distinction



Receipt: Kerrow Memorials



Receipt: Lightsource BP


Solar Payment

Receipt: HMRC


VAT Repayment

Receipt: Woodland Barton


Solar Payment

Receipt: Western Power



Receipt: Fernleigh Wilton


Plot Reservation

Receipt: Ken Newcombe Funerals



Receipt: Cornwall Council


Half Precept

Receipt: Cornwall Council


Half CTS Grant

Receipt: Lloyds Bank – Interest


September 2020

Receipt: Coop Funerals – Error payment


Not for Roche

Receipt: Lloyds Bank – Interest


October 2020


















Paperwork for Precept Setting, to start considering this month:-  Clerk reported she had circulated paperwork to start completing by Councillors with their suggestions and it could be included on the next agenda for final completion.  It was resolved to include on the next agenda for completion and a decision to be made Action: Next Agenda.





Update on Christmas Tree for the Village:-  Chairman reported that along with Councillor G. Rowe they tried visiting sites in the village, but it was not as easy as they thought. They also had Darren Thomas for some guidance with regards to setting a tree.  They also met Andrew Thomas who was not confident.  They came to the conclusion the site near the Chinese was not the area to put this.  In the meantime, they thought of other areas.  The only site they felt that would be safe and suitable would be in front of the Roche Victory Hall. 

To put on this site there would need to be some underground structure with electrics underground.


It was resolved to put one up in the front of the Roche Victory Hall.  Clerk to do a letter from the Roche Social Club to let them raise with the Social Club Management Committee, a risk assessment to be drawn up by the Parish Council (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor P. Jones) Action: Clerk.












Cemetery Matters (Including any Applications for Memorials or Inscription):-  No applications received.



Minor Repairs/Works in the Parish that may arise:-  Chairman reported the chat shack in the Playing Fields has been covered in the Playing Fields and play equipment and he has spoken to Crystal Clear today and we are waiting for a quote for this and go ahead to clean graffiti and equipment.


There is also graffiti on the railway bridge had got quite bad and he had requested a quotation for the work which had been received in the sum of around £180.00. 


It was resolved to have both areas cleaned (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey) Action: Clerk/Chairman.







Clerk/ Chair


Additional Clothing Bank to be installed in Roche Football Club Car Park:-  Clerk reported she had heard from the Roche Social Club who confirmed they had no information on this and no idea who originally agreed to have it put on site.  Clerk reported she had also sent a message to the Salvation Army online service and had not heard anything and so had called them and they suggested any non-urgent matters are emailed, so an email has been sent requesting information regarding the siting.  This could be included on the next agenda once information has been received Action: Next Agenda.







Investigating the use of Multi Skilled Enforcement Officers with St. Dennis Parish Council:-  Clerk reported information had been circulated regarding this.  St. Dennis Clerk had since emailed advising they had spoken about the possibility of using a trained person to try to combat dog fouling and littering, as their Councillors thought that this would be better if it were somebody independent of the Parish Council and she asked if this is something that Roche have considered.  It was resolved to obtain more information on a PCSO only at this stage (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor D. Yelland) Action: Clerk.








Vacancy for Par & Newquay Branch Line Representative and Press Officer/Representative on Parish Magazine:- Clerk reported following the resignation of Brian Higman, these two vacancies have arisen, to be filled. Councillor D. Yelland would be happy to represent on any Committees required and he would happily do both (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor P. Jones) Action: Clerk.






Playing Fields and Hardcore Area:-  Chairman reported apart from the graffiti the only other issue was the teddy bear swing which she had followed up for the necessary parts and was waiting for a price Action: Keep Pending.


Clerk reported that Councillor M. Edyvean had reported issues with the wall in between the Playing Field and Hardcourt Area which needed cementing and he was meeting with the Contractor next week to discuss. 

It was resolved to permit Councillor M. Edyvean delegated powers to action necessary repairs required Action: Clerk/Councillor M. Edyvean.






Clerk Cllr. M. Edyvean


Roche Public Conveniences/Bus Shelters:-  Clerk reported there had been some remedial repairs in the toilets, along with drain clearance.


Chairman asked whether Cornwall Councillor J. Wood had got anywhere with changing of the seats in the bus shelters on Fore Street?  Cornwall Councillor John Wood would follow up as he had not had chance  Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.



Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood


Footpath Signs/Matters:-   No update.




Working Group Party for the Village - Street/Road Signs in the Village/Parish and general tidy up of the Village/Parish as a whole:- Councillor G. Rowe reported the next litter pick will be held on the first Sunday of November.



Articles for Parish Council Website/Newsletter:- Clerk to include information on organisations that recently were awarded government grants from the Parish Council and to also include on the Website and Facebook. To also reiterate information regarding Remembrance Day and Order of Service Action: Clerk.




Correspondence – Clerk listed correspondence and actions required:-

1.    CALC – Rebuilding Communities

2.    Hygiene 2 Health Limited – Health & Safety Support

3.    Cornwall Community Flood Forum – Free Support for Businesses in Cornwall

4.    Cornwall Council – Town & Parish Council Bulletin: New drive-through flu vaccination services

5.    Cornwall Council – Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive Online Event – Saturday 26th September 2020, 1.00pm – 4.00pm

6.    Cornwall Community Flood Forum – Invitation to Cornwall Community Flood Forum’s Annual Conference

7.    Alan Percy – Affordable Housing provision in Cornwall

8.    Cornwall Council Pensions – Employer Newsletter (September 2020)

9.    London Hearts – Parish & Town Council £200 Defibrillator Grant

10. Came & Company Insurance – Read our latest update

11. CALC – Request for assistance with volunteer recruitment programme – flu vaccination drive-through centres

12. CALC – Urgent Clarification on The Rule of Council Meetings

13. CALC – The six-month rule – What meetings count as attendance?

14. CALC – Local Councillors and the six-month rule

15. Cornwall Council – Town & Parish Council Covid-19 Update – 18th September 2020; 25th September 2020

16. Cornwall Council – SW PRF Pathfinder: Business Workshops

17. Cornwall Council – New legal requirement for business to show QR Codes for NHS Covid-19 app from 24th September 2020

18. Cornwall Council – Community Governance Review Update

19. CALC – Coronavirus Update – New requirements for track and trace

20. Great Western Railway – World Cup of Stations

21. Cornwall Council – Local Council Planning Conferences 2020 – Invitation to our next even on the 21st October 2020 at 10.00am

22. CALC – Works Vehicle Query – Request

23. Face to Face – Introduction

24. Cornwall Council – Voluntary & Community Sector Covid-19 Update – 29th September 2020

25. Great Western Railway Performance

26. Cornwall Council – Climate Change

27. Citizens Advice Cornwall – Update

28. Cornwall Council – Town & Parish Council Covid-19 Update – 2nd October 2020

29. Cornwall Council – Confidential: Setting alert for Covid Cases

30. Cornwall Council – Covid-19 Briefing – New Legislation

31. CALC – Companies providing waste services – request

32. Steve Double MP – E-News

33. CALC – Urgent – The Six-Month Rule and your Council

34. CALC – Code of Conduct – Virtual Training Sessions

35. CALC – Finance Training Sessions – Bookings now being taken

36. CALC – Survey on Virtual Meetings

37. The Royal British Legion – Poppy Appeal

38. CALC – Virtual Finance Training with the Parkinson Partnership – Update

39. CALC – Finance raining with the Parkinson Partnership Update

40. CALC – NALC Briefing Notes – Minimum Annual Leave Entitlement and Remembrance Sunday

41. CALC – Additional Code of Conduct Training

42. Cornwall Council – David Chadwick’s Fond Farewell

43. Cornwall Council – China Clay Community Network Panel Meeting – Monday 12th October 2020 at 7.00pm

44. Cornwall Council Pensions – Employer Newsletter – October 2020



To arrange any Sub-Committee Meetings required:- Skateboard Park Meeting to be arranged with Clerk, Chairman and Councillors M. Edyvean and Mrs. S. Tippett Action: Clerk.



Any Urgent Matters the Chairman considers relevant for this meeting:- Email received in respect of a representative for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to act as a Councillor Advocate for the Parish.  It was resolved the Clerk be the representative for the Parish Council (Proposed: Councillor P. Jones; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. J. Oxenham) Action: Clerk.





Date of next Meeting:- Wednesday the 11th November 2020 at 6.30pm in the Roche Victory Hall Large Committee Meeting Roche, Roche Victory Hall or via Microsoft Teams depending on the Country’s status next month.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 7.10pm







Signature:     ………………………………………………




Date:               11th November 2020