Cllr. D. Inch


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. G. Rowe



Cllr. M. Edyvean

Cllr. D. Yelland

Cllr. Mrs. J. Oxenham


Cllr. Mrs. S. Tippett

Cllr. P. Ames

Cllr. Mrs. I. Northey


Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood

Mr. Peter Guest

Trina Clemo


Mr. Ryan Murray








Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised we were going to go into a 2 minute silence in memory of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.




Apologies:- Councillors Mrs. J. Norris, P. Jones




Public Forum:-  Trina Clemo attended in favour for the skateboard park as per her email sent to the Clerk advising she is definitely for getting a skate park. I have a 10 year old daughter who spends a fair amount of time 'hanging out' at the park with her friends and they have all been saying lately that they would like there to be more to do in the village for their age group. They (10 year olds) have even been talking about trying to get something together to propose a youth group.  I feel it is a real shame that there used to be a youth group that is not there anymore, I understand there are issues with funding etc, but even just having a skate park would promote movement and exercise for our kids and give them a bit of a focus. People are often quick to judge and criticise young people but if they had something to do that was even just a tiny bit structured, they would not get so bored. I really hope we can get something going in Roche as St Dennis, Bugle and St. Austell have skate parks and I know personally I would rather my daughter stay in the village than go out of it to have some fun.


Other emails received from parishioners regarding as skateboard park:-

·         I am wanting to have a skate park built in Roche. I have children of my own and many friends and neighbours in Roche who think a skate park would amazing for our children. Especially after the last year or so. Could you please point me in the right direction on how to get the wheels moving please? 

·         I would agree a skate park would be amazing, anything to entertain older kids and teenagers of the village.


Mr. Peter Guest was just attending to listen in again but thanked the Parish Council for the two minutes silence which was a lovely touch and very respectful.




Members Declaration of Interest on items raised on the Agenda/Requests for Dispensation:- None.




Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report:- Cornwall Councillor J. Wood reported as follows:-

·         Not a lot to report this month, he would be happy to answer any questions.

·         Chairman asked if there was any update on the new road – he has been in touch with Steve Goudge but it looks like it is all ready to start in September. 

Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor J. Wood for his report this evening. 




Confirmation of Parish Minutes from the Monthly Meeting held on the 10th March 2021:- Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 10th March 2021 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and to be duly signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey; Seconded: Councillor P. Ames)




Matters Arising from the Monthly Minutes of the Meeting held on the 10th March 2021:-


Page 2 Min.310/20 Caravans in Roche Parish, including Victoria and other areas:-  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood would continue to follow up Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.


Page 2 Min.315/19 Sheds erected on the junction of Belowda:-  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood would continue to follow up Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.


Page 2 Min.289/19 Caravans in Roche Parish at Tregoss:- Cornwall Councillor J. Wood would continue to follow up Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.


Page 6 Min.63/21 Hole in Perspex on Bus Shelter:-  Clerk reported she had emailed Cormac for a quote and followed up with our Contractor again who would send a quote next week as the email was mislaid at his end Action: Keep pending and follow up.


Page 9 Min.72/21 Post Office:-  Clerk reported a response had been sent to Matt Walls informing him we had a local business interested and information was forwarded on for him to liaise directly with them.



Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood

Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood


Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood








Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Any Letters received for or against any Planning Applications:-  Clerk reported that proposals for planning applications will be sent with the following statement:-  Due to the restrictions placed on the Parish Council because of the pandemic coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of Members of Roche Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the Parish Council.


Planning Applications:-


PA21/01761 – Mr. & Mrs. D. Moore – Proposed rear dormer extension and rear ground floor extension, 105 Trezaise Road, Roche – Support (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett)


PA21/03534 – Mr. & Mrs. W. Cash – Application for a non-material amendment following grant of planning permission PA21/00862 dated 26/3/21. Amendment sought to provide a high level window to side elevation, 8 Thornton Close, Roche – Support (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor J. Wood)


Planning Results Received:-


PA21/00862 – Mr. & Mrs. W. Cash  - Proposed side extension, 8 Thornton Close, Roche – Approved


PA21/00904 – M. Paul Crocker – Full planning for a pair of four-bedroom semi-detached dwellings, land Rear of 8 Wheal Rose, Wheal Rose, Roche Road, Bugle – Approved


PA20/11008 – Mr. Richard Freeman – Change of use from 16-bed HMO to supported living centre (C2). The construction of a 2-storey side and rear extension, first and second floor addition over existing single storey structure, installation of external stair and 8 roof lights to the main building known as Glencoe and the construction of a single storey side extension to an existing outbuilding to facilitate conversion to 10 no. supported living units with communal hub, meeting room and office (C2). All associated site works including landscaping, 22 Harmony Road, Roche - Approved


























Monthly Accounts for Approval:- It was proposed that the Council approve the accounts for payments as listed below as circulated on schedule for periods ending 31st March 2021 and payments up to the 14th April 2021 (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey;  Seconded: Councillor G. Rowe) Motion Carried

Payments and Receipts up to 31st March 2021:-

Salaries, Pensions, National Insurance, Income Tax and Expenses


April 2021

Shaw & Sons Limited


Certificate Book

South West Water



Duchy Cemetery’s Limited – Interment



Viking Direct



Amazon UK


Toner Cartridges

British Gas – Electric for Toilets



DC Professional Services


Paint Benches

Receipt: Roche Pigeon Club


Ground Rent

Receipt: Mrs. M. Geach


Reserve Ash Plots

Receipt: Kerrow Memorials



Payments and Receipts up to 14th April 2021:-

Cornwall Council – NNDR for Mortuary


April 2021

EDF Energy – Street Lighting



Cornwall Waste Solutions Limited


Empty Waste Bin

Keith Perks & Son


Pest Control

Crystal Clear – Bus Shelter Cleaning


April 2021

Jason Bellenger Tree Surveys



Lanhydrock Garden Services Grasscutting



AJH Services – Toilet Cleaning


April 2021

Receipt: Lloyds Bank – Interest


April 2021

Receipt: Cornwall Council – Interest


March 2021

Receipt: Cornwall Council


Precept/CTS Grant

Receipt: Mr. & Mrs. J. Philp


Reserve Grave

Renewal of CALC Membership for 2021/2022 – It was resolved to renew the membership in the sum of £990.38 plus vat, totalling £1,146.40 (Proposed: Councillor M. Edyvean; Seconded: Councillor J. Wood) Action: Clerk.


























Provision of Legal Services between the Parish Council and Cornwall Council for 2021-2022:- It was resolved to accept the provision of legal services between the Parish Council and Cornwall Council for the financial year 2021-2022 (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor G. Rowe) Action: Clerk.







Cemetery Matters (Including (a) Any applications for memorials or inscriptions; (b) Complaints received by Councillor M. Edyvean; (c) Waste Bins in Cemetery and suggested Change to Large Cornwall Waste Bin; (d) Ditch around the Cemetery – to arrange clearing now or in the Autumn):-


Complaints received by Councillor M. Edyvean:- Councillor M. Edyvean reported he received a complaint that people were taking hot cross buns and easter eggs of the grave spaces that had been put in place for remembrance and they would like the Parish Council to include something on the website to ask people to stop removing.  However, he has concerns with food being put on site that may encourage vermin. Chairman was concerned that with food it may be a bird that could have taken.  It was resolved to include on the next agenda to discuss the rules and regulations with a set of guidelines of what is acceptable on grave spaces (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor M. Edyvean) Action: Clerk.


Waste Bins in Cemetery and suggested Change to Large Cornwall Waste Bin:- Councillor M. Edyvean reported the situation has exacerbated these last two weeks.  He believes the large waste bin should be at the back of the cemetery on the old shed base with a slight ramp to push it up and down and not the front and needs to be removed to and fro for emptying as and when required. Clerk reported Cornwall Waste Solutions had confirmed they do not have lids available but can purchase two and have them placed on the current bins, they would take on the initial costs of this purchase, however, the waste charge going forward would be £15.00 plus vat (80 kgs) excess weight at 19p per kg per bin.  We are currently paying £14.00 plus vat.  Clerk reported our Waste Bin Contractor quoted an additional £15.00 for emptying the extra 3 waste bins in the Cemetery.  It was resolved to action with Cornwall Waste Solutions and arrange for it to be put on the relevant site as mentioned earlier.  It was also agreed to ensure additional emptying be carried out at special events, i.e., Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter (Proposed: Councillor D. Yelland; Seconded: Councillor P. Ames) Action: Clerk to follow dates up and look at costings for additional emptying during peak times.


Ditch around the Cemetery – to arrange clearing now or in the Autumn):- Councillor M. Edyvean reported because a lot of water seems to come into the cemetery every year there is quite a lot of sand and grit in the ditches and he feels there needs to be another clean either now or the Autumn and this is a job that needs to be carried out every year.  It was resolved the Clerk obtains a quote to bring back to a future meeting and discuss the work being carried out in the Autumn (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor M. Edyvean) Action: Clerk.
































Minor Repairs/Works in the Parish that may arise (Including (a) Fencing/Hedge on top entrance to Old Lane; (b) Daffodil Planting; (c) Staining of Benches in the Village; (d) Painting of Bus Shelters; (e) Painting of Public Conveniences; (f) Painting of Cemetery Gates and Mortuary Building Door and Fascia boards):-


Fencing/Hedge on top entrance to Old Lane:- It was resolved to obtain a quote for the hedge to be stone-faced in and a wooden fence similar to what is already in place with our current Contractors (Proposed: Councillor M. Edyvean; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett) Action: Clerk.

Councillor D. Yelland reported there is a health and safety issue with a large boulder half way down that needs removing on the road itself Action: Clerk to request our Contractors remove this as soon as possible on health and safety grounds.


Councillor J. Wood requested our grass cutting contractor review the lane itself and give us an update of any work that may be required.  Following this to obtain quotations as required from all three of our Contractors (Proposed: Councillor M. Edyvean; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett) Action: Clerk.


Daffodil Planting:- Chairman reported he is trying to obtain some bulbs to be donated and would report in due course Action: Chairman.


Staining of Benches in the Village:- It was resolved to carry this item over for the new Parish Council to discuss at the May Meeting Action: Clerk.


Painting of Bus Shelters:- It was resolved to carry this item over for the new Parish Council to discuss at the May Meeting Action: Clerk.


Painting of Public Conveniences:- It was resolved to carry this item over for the new Parish Council to discuss at the May Meeting Action: Clerk.


Painting of Cemetery Gates and Mortuary Building Door and Fascia boards:- It was resolved to carry this item over for the new Parish Council to discuss at the May Meeting Action: Clerk.


Councillor Mrs. I. Northey reported she had received a request for a No Dogs Allowed sign to be put up on the land at St. Michaels Way.  It was resolved to obtain a temporary plastic/Foamex no dogs allowed sign to bring in line with other green spaces in the village, to review.  Parish Council to look at their portfolio to see if we have anywhere in the Parish suitable for dogs to use.  Councillor Mrs. I. Northey mentioned the site at Dukes Court.  Greenspaces, dog friendly for next agenda (Proposed: Councillor G. Rowe; Seconded: Councillor M. Edyvean) Action: Clerk.


































Support Project for the Village – Update from Site Meeting:-  Chairman reported this will be included with  Min.87/21 and he has not been able to discuss with the developers of The Poachers site.




Playing Fields and Hardcourt Area:-  Councillor M. Edyvean reported the moles have been dealt with by the Contractor.  Although he noted the levelling and rolling had not been actioned.  Chairman agreed to call our Contractors tomorrow to follow up Action: Chairman.


Clerk reported on the Playground Inspection Training Courses advising information had been received, outline training course on site for up to 6 people would be £1,227.00 plus vat. The other option is to go to either Exeter or Devon at a cost of £260.00 plus vat per delegate. It was resolved to opt for the training on site for 6 Councillors and include on the next agenda to allow any new Councillors that may be interested in attending and Clerk to obtain dates for training (Proposed: Councillor G. Rowe; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett) Action: Clerk.












Skateboard Park Update:-  It was resolved to suspend Standing Orders suspended to allow two members of public in attendance to discuss this subject.

(Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor P. Ames)

Comments from parishioners in attendance in respect of their requests for a skatepark - Mr. R. Murray believes this would be an excellent proposal for the youngsters of the village as per his email sent and Trina Clemo was basically of the same mind and was totally in support of a skatepark project if it goes ahead.  Trina Clemo would like something to allow youngsters to get more exercise, more socialising for them and there are other areas that have skateparks. 


Chairman thanked the two parishioners for attending and great that they want to be involved.


Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett was very interested in the idea of the Youth Club as raised by Trina Clemo in her email, Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett suggested linking with Lorraine Harrison who came to the Parish Council some time ago about getting a Youth Club up and running.  Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett also suggested a Working Party to work with the Parish Council to assist with funding applications.  The more people that support and help the parish the easier it becomes.  Trina Clemo suggested Lorraine Harrison contacts the school and would contact her.


It was reported that three tenders had been received and discussed during a Closed Meeting, with Maverick being the preferred suppliers as agreed within that meeting.  Chairman requested an update from the Clerk in respect of the preferred supplier:-

Email from Maverick advising they are really keen to work with the Parish Council on this project.  They advised the tender required installation by the end of July - subject to funding and planning being in place, they advised they can currently accommodate this request. To get the ball rolling, they have created a questionnaire which they sent via a link which could be placed on the Parish Council Website and Facebook and in order to gain a wider response, this can be sent to the local schools and the local press.  It will provide them with input on what the local riders preferences are so that they can amend the design accordingly. They would plan to redesign to the current available budget of £110K + VAT once they have the feedback needed. To provide an example, they are currently consulting in this way on a project for Bridport (working with the Town Surveyor, Daryl Chambers) of which they attached links to view. The confirm there is plenty of room on the site to accommodate a more comprehensive scheme - it may be worth considering raising funding for a Stage 2 via the National Lottery or Sport England a little further down the line - fundraising avenues are a little tricky right now with the Covid situation, and funding does seem to take 18 months plus to achieve in 'normal' times through these sources.  If this is something the Parish Council would consider, they can provide support with this. If the Parish Council are looking to raise additional funds in the short term, it may be worth considering starting a Crowdfunder page for the project and asking for donations via the Council's social media and website - and make sure it is covered by the local press.  There may be the odd generous parent out there who wants to help make this happen - they have just had parents fund pretty much a whole skatepark in Blandford where they are currently working so it may be worth a shot.

They do not generally recommend installing youth shelters adjacent to skateparks - they included these at the Parish Councils specific request but feel that bench style seating without shelter would be a better option.  The cost of the shelters would be better put towards features in the park if there is additional budget available.  Shelters tend to attract the people not interested in skating and can encourage anti-social behaviour in their experience - and skateparks should not be used in bad weather so not a feature they would include.  This is of course is the Parish Council’s decision ultimately.  Regarding the next steps, Maverick would ask that the Parish Council provide them with a 'Letter of Intent' subject to funding and planning to confirm Maverick as the preferred contractor. The Roche Skatepark Questionnaire link can be posted as soon as they are able to do so - perhaps allow 3 weeks for responses  Once they have the input they will redesign and the revised design can be published for feedback (Russ can visit and present if preferred) Maverick would hope to be in a position to submit a final design for Planning during May - it may be that they can go for a Certificate of Lawful Development for this project as it will be under 200 cubic metres which would be a much faster process. Once Planning is in place, Maverick would issue a JCT contract for signature and schedule the build as soon as possible.


Shacks discussed – Chairman suggested the Parish Council should take Maverick’s advice on board.  Chairman suggested information could be included on the Parish Council Website and Facebook, as there could be people willing to help with their time.  Councillor J. Wood suggested there could be the possibility of some Community Chest funding from Cornwall Councillors which could go into crowd funding and also other Cornwall Councillors that do not use their community chest funding can put theirs in as well.  It was felt that crowd funding would be a very good way forward.


Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett suggested the Parish Council could use a website called let’s localise - you can put on a pledge of things you need, and you can arrange fund raising activities, i.e., online bingo.  This could potentially engage with the community.


Chairman reported on crowd funding and suggested the Parish Council could put up another shack in the playing field near the skatepark.  The Parish Council could get the village behind us to help promote this and it would then be the village who helped to develop the recreation park.  Councillors G. Rowe, P. Ames, D. Yelland, Mrs. J. Oxenham, Mrs. I. Northey, Mrs. S. Tippett, M. Edyvean and Chairman were all in agreement with crowd funding going forward.  The Parish Council could initially underwrite the shack and when the crowd funding comes back in to reimburse our costs.  All Members in favour.  


On-going costs/maintenance – Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett reported that concrete should last 25-30 years so the maintenance should be minimal.


Funding – It was noted that the idea for a skate park is not new.  Local people have attempted to raise money for such for over 10 years.  This pre-dates the current Parish Council composition.  Questionnaires have been placed in village shops within the last 2 years by parishioners. The Parish Council have responded to their requests in as much as to agree a possible site and to begin to organise the development.  

It was noted that at the time of reviewing the precept, the Parish Council were only in the discussion stage with local Councils that already had skate parks, as well as potential suppliers.  Having no firm facts, it would have not been appropriate for the Parish Council to seek widespread consultation at the time. The skateboard park will be underwritten by the Parish Council using monies from our solar power income and from our reserves.  It will not be Precept funded.  Once planning permission is obtained and a supplier is chosen, there will be electronic consultation via social media and presentations.


It was agreed we need to engage with our youngsters and hopefully they will support and get involved with fund raising from the onset.


Covid was discussed with regards to the possible number of people using the park during this pandemic, these are all things which have changed our viewpoints over the past 18 months or so.  Also, the playing fields being developed over the past 15 years, it was identified by young people and adults on numerous occasions, who attended park fundraising events to the playing fields committee.


Councillor G. Rowe had been looking at sponsorship boards around the football grounds recently and he wondered if this could be an avenue for sponsorship.  Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett suggested this could possibly be included in the letters to businesses of the village.  Chairman suggested he would rather not see signs in the skatepark which would need to be maintained around and they could be a distraction.  However, he suggested a sponsors board at the entrance to the skatepark.  Councillors felt this could be a better option and less intrusive.


Councillor J. Wood is hoping we will have a facility of a standard that we could have competitions in, we want a prestigious park, to make the children feel special, a competition with the clay areas initially perhaps leading on to other competitions.  We want a reputation similar to other organisations in the village.  We want the children to say we have the best skate park around and be proud of it. This would cut down on vandalism as they would be very protective.


It was resolved to go along with recommendations of Maverick (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey; Seconded: Councillor M. Edyvean) (Motion Carried – all in favour).  Chairman suggested all Councillors need to go out door knocking now to inform parishioners and seek comments Action: Clerk/Councillors.


Mr. Peter Guest offered to speak to local people regarding this wonderful project Action: Clerk to send information to Peter Guest


It was also suggested that Mr. Murray and Trina Clemo perhaps follow up with local people and friends for their support also.


Both members of the public were both delighted with this proposal tonight and would be happy to help any way they could.


Councillor J. Wood commented that people may say it is concrete and not a green facility.  He suggested we advise that it will be a green facility being built on the back of solar funding, which is obviously green energy.


Actions from previous closed meeting agreed:

·         Appoint Maverick

·         Planning, timetable and timescale, start and finish, including consultation period

·         Write to 3 developers and ask for support and monetary fund/sponsorship – help sponsor – may be 3 shacks

·         Leave letter to all local businesses for the time being until we need the help

·         Councillor J. Wood to follow up road builders may assist with some funding

·         Councillors to go around village to obtain initial feedback

Action:  Clerk/Councillors.


Clerk reported a response had been received from our Insurance Company advising that in terms of providing Public Liability Insurance for the skatepark; no additional premium will be required as the policy is already charging an additional premium for the zip wire. Cover will therefore be provided automatically should the Parish Council go ahead with the installation. A risk assessment will need to be in place with signage erected advising visitors on how to use the facility appropriately. Regular safety checks will also need to be undertaken. If a quotation is required to cover damage to the ramps, they would need to know their replacement value. However, given they are concrete and a £250 will apply to any claim they wonder if this is needed.


Standing Orders were reinstated at this end of this item on the agenda to continue with the meeting.


































































































Clerk/ Cllrs.
















Clerk/ Cllrs.






Roche Public Conveniences/Bus Shelters:-  Clerk reported an email had been received from Rachael Tatlow of Cormac in respect of the wooden bus shelter advising it required two operatives because part of the shelter has to be dismantled, but she confirmed the repair is due to be made before the end of the month.




Footpath Signs/Matters:-  No report.





Updating Community Emergency Plan:-  Clerk reported the Community Emergency Plan had been updated as far as possible.  Information of the new Councillors who will be joining us will be included once received. Next Agenda Clerk.





Update on Land at St. Michaels Way:-  Clerk reported she had followed up again today as no response had been received.  An email was received advising they thought a colleague had responded and they will bring it to her attention when she returns from leave on the 27th April. In the meantime, they did not have any relevant documentation to share today and are not aware that CALC itself provides such checklists as described but will check with her colleague on her return.  They do believe the Parish Council is absolutely right to require a full risk assessment and Public Liability Insurance, as a minimum, before agreeing to any event, they are sure they are aware Bouncy Castles are a particular area of concern when it comes to health and safety. It may be that other assurances and plans are also appropriate Action: Keep pending and follow up.


Councillor J. Wood totally agreed if anything does eventually go ahead public liability and full risk assessments need to be carried out.










Update on Tree Surveys:-  Clerk reported the Churchyard Survey had now been circulated to Councillors and a copy forwarded on to our Contractors for a quotation on work required Action: Keep pending and follow up. 

If there is work that needs action and is a safety concern, we need to deal with as soon as possible.


Clerk reported the second survey is due to take place on the 22nd April 2021 Action: Keep pending and Clerk to circulate once received.








Working Group Party for the Village - Street/Road Signs in the Village/Parish and general tidy up of the Village/Parish as a whole:- Clerk reported the next collection is set for May 2021 tidy.  Suggestion of tidying area in Cemetery, it was felt best not to ask volunteers.  Councillor Mrs. I. Northey reported she usually tries to clear but had not been up for a while.  It was agreed to ask our Contractor for some ideas and bring this back to the next meeting Action: Clerk.  Chairman and Councillor M. Edyvean to meet on site Action: Chairman/Councillor M. Edyvean.



Clerk/ Chair/ Cllr. M. Edyvean



Articles for Parish Council Website/Newsletter:- It was agreed to include information regarding the skatepark Action: Clerk.




Correspondence – Clerk listed correspondence and actions required:-

1.    Cornwall Council – Town & Parish Council Covid-19 Update – 12th March; 9th April 2021

2.    Cornwall Council – Voluntary & Community Sector Covid-19 Update – 12th March; 26th March; 19th April 2021

3.    Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Facebook Live – 2.00pm to 3.00pm
Thursday 11th March 2021

4.    CALC – Steve Parkinson Finance Courses: Last few Year-End and Accounts places in March, New Dates for Introduction to VAT

5.    Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Cyber Security Information – Key Protect Advice Concerning The Forthcoming Census

6.    Great Western Railway – Introducing Delay Repay for GWR Season Ticket Holders

7.    CALC – Election Update

8.    Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Your PCC Alison Hernandez will be hosting a Facebook Live Session starting at 6.00pm on the 18th March 2021

9.    CALC – Precept and Council Tax Increases 2021/2022

10. CALC – Smaller Councils Meeting – Friday 26th March 2021 at 9.30am

11. Cornwall Council Planning – Community Governance Review Changes – Planning Application Consultations

12. Cornwall Council Pensions – Town and Parish Councils Employer Meetings

13. Cornwall Council – Covid Safety Playground Poster Images

14. Cornwall Sheds Network – Update

15. Steve Double MP – St. Austell and Newquay TV License Survey

16. Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – Farming, Nature and Sustainable Tourism: 2 Surveys now live

17. Cornwall Council – Climate Emergency Development Plan Document – Pre-Submission Draft – Proposed Amendment

18. Ocean Housing Group Stakeholder Survey 2020

19. CALC – Remote Meetings Update

20. Devon & Cornwall Police – Have your G7 Summit questions answered by Police, Council and Government Panel of experts

21. Cornwall Council – European Sites Mitigation Supplementary Planning Document Adoption Draft

22. CALC – Returning to the Workplace Guide

23. Great Western Railway – Timetable Uplift

24. Office for National Statistics – Census 2021 – It’s not too late to complete it

25. Cornwall Council -Town & Parish Council Newsletter – 26th March 2021

26. Came & Company Local Council Insurance – Latest Insights

27. Imerys – Press Release made by Imerys in relation to trespass

28. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Free Cyber Security Briefings

29. CALC – Re-opening Shops and Businesses from 12th April 2021

30. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Watch out for scams related to the 2021 Census

31. CALC – Data for the retention of Virtual Meetings

32. Steve Double MP – March 2021 E-News

33. Cornwall Council – Community-leg Housing Seminar – Wednesday 14th April 2021 – 10.00am to 2.30pm on Zoom

34. Cornwall Council – Forest for Cornwall Newsletter, Trees for Cornish Towns Special Edition

35. Cornwall Council – Circular routes that are mobility scooter friendly

36. CALC – Operation Forth Bridge – Death of Prince Philip

37. News from Citizens Advice Cornwall

38. CALC – Clear days’ notice during a public period of mourning

39. CALC – Filling casual vacancies after May 2021

40. Cornwall Council – Job Share (advertised on Roche Facebook as requested)

41. CALC – Cornwall Book of Condolence and Donations in memory of Prince Phillip

42. CALC – NAOC Newsletter

43. Cornwall Council – China Clay Community Network Panel Meeting – Monday 19th April 2021 at 7.00pm via Microsoft Teams


Email of complaint received in respect of the precept for Roche Parish as circulated.  It was resolved to respond in answer to the questions raised and Cornwall Councillor J. Wood had informed the Chairman that he would be happy to visit the lady and speak with her.  It was agreed the Clerk to send a copy of the final response to Cornwall Councillor J. Wood and ask him to meet the lady.  Chairman noted that we have followed everything as we should have Action: Clerk/Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.


Chairman thanked Councillor Peter Ames as this is his last meeting this evening, he will be greatly missed, he has been aa very dedicated and active member for many years and would like to personally say thank you for the guidance and support given to me and also say thank you on behalf of the Parish Council and from the village on a job well done.


He also wanted to thank all Councillors for their support over the last few years and advised we can be really proud of what we have achieved.  As a parish council we have made a big change and difference and have raised the bar and we are now looking at some really big projects. 


Thanks also to Mrs. Irene Northey she will be greatly missed, please keep in touch and keep the Parish Council informed of anything that needs to be raised by email. 


Cornwall Councillor J. Wood thanked Councillor Peter Ames for curbing his enthusiasm by caution over the years.  Money is hard to earn and easy spent.  He believes he has done a superb job, especially of keeping everyone in control, especially himself.  He will also be sad to see Councillor Mrs. Irene Northey leave as well.  There has been a lovely cross section of people and he appreciates the support given to him as a Cornwall Councillor. 


Thanks, were also expressed to Cornwall Councillor J. Wood as this would also be his last meeting as Parish Councillors, the support and assistance has been brilliant over the years.

Cornwall Councillor J. Wood left the meeting at 7.56pm.


Councillor Peter Ames thanked the Parish Council for the lovely words this evening, it is difficult to believe 19 years ago he joined the Parish Council, during that time he has never had any friction between members.  He thanked everyone and wished them well.


Councillor Mrs. Irene Northey also wished to say thank you very much and helping with her IT issues since holding meetings online.















































Clerk/ Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood



To arrange any Sub-Committee Meetings required:-  None.




Any Urgent Matters the Chairman considers relevant for this meeting:- Recording of Meetings – Clerk reported a parishioner had queried whether the Parish Council records meetings as she was unable to make the meeting.  This was followed up with CALC who confirmed there is no legal requirement to record meetings, the virtual access is sufficient to meet the legal requirement.  Clerk had responded to this effect and advised the matter would be discussed under urgent matters this evening for Councillors thoughts on this going forward.  It was agreed not to record future meetings and carry on as normal (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey). 


Clerk reported an email had been received from a parishioner thanking the Parish Council for the recent cutting of the trees on Victoria Road, it looks marvellous and much improved.  She also wanted to take the opportunity of passing on their thanks for the playing fields which they have spent a lot of time enjoying  over the last 12 months since the pandemic and having their grandson living with us.  The park looks amazing.  I have seen over 30 people at any one time with all pieces of equipment being well used by a wide age range.  Congratulations to all responsible for fitting out the park and its ongoing maintenance.  It is a fantastic facility for all the village.


Councillor Mrs. I. Northey reported she had arranged a dialogue with Inspire Salon and the Post Office in respect of them taking this facility over.


Councillors reported it is now common knowledge that the local Newsagents will be closing in May.




Date of next Meeting:- Wednesday the 12th May 2021 at 6.30pm in the Roche Victory Hall Large Committee Meeting Roche, Roche Victory Hall or via Microsoft Teams depending on the Country’s status next month Action: Clerk.

Clerk reported she had spoken with the Roche Victory Hall on Monday and they confirmed the main hall would be available for July and August and then Panto have it on a Wednesday from September through to February, so it would not be available then until March 2022. 

Clerk suggested at this stage the small room is just not big enough for the number of Councillors we are, including a Cornwall Councillor, herself and any public that may turn up.  It is cramped at the best of times and with the added dreaded Covid we cannot be cramped in this small area. A few Councillors were in agreement and did not want to meet in a small room for a few months.  It was agreed the Clerk follows up on availability for our next meeting using the large hall to establish what availability there is for meetings from September to February, possibly changing the day of the week Action: Clerk.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.11pm

















Signature:     ………………………………………………




Date:               12th May 2021