Cllr. D. Inch


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. G. Rowe




Cllr. Mrs. I. Northey

Cllr. P. Jones

Cllr. M. Edyvean



Cllr. Mrs. S. Tippett

Cllr. D. Yelland

Cllr. P. Ames



Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood









Apologies:- Councillor Mrs. J. Norris.  Chairman reported on Councillor Mrs. J. Norris situation and Members were happy to allow a leave of absence for a period of time in the circumstances Action: Clerk.




Public Forum:-  None.




Members Declaration of Interest on items raised on the Agenda/Requests for Dispensation:- None.




Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report:-  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood reported on enforcement, the lack of it and lack of control.  It is a problem all over the country, it needs a Government change of policy. 


There are currently issues at Isobel Rose.  The triple SI site has not been inspected, there are problems all around. The Big blue house is still on site at Trerank and it has been there more than 2 years since it was built illegally.  Under legal requirements the applicants are allowed to come forward with a new compromise, he is not sure what this is all about. Tregoss – the travellers have rights on this site as they own the land and they could possibly invite more people on to this site. Then there is the site at Belowda which is also a problem.


This will be taken up with local MP’s and needs to get back to the Central Government.


Emergency Support Fund. Cornwall Council have this fund for people to bid into to support food banks, etc.  This has been extended until the end of March 2021.


Cornish residents – people from Treliske have been sent to Derriford Hospital to allow Treliske to have more capacity.  R rate has increased to higher than expected but still way below the Country’s average.


A30 link road – he has no update. 


Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor J. Wood for his report this evening.




Confirmation of Parish Minutes from the Meeting held on the 14th October 2020:- Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 14th October 2020 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and to be duly signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor P. Jones; Seconded: Councillor G. Rowe)




Matters Arising from the Monthly Minutes of the Meeting held on the 14th October 2020:-


Page 1 Min.260/20 Planning for Conservatory in Mayfield Drive:-  Clerk reported that the planning application had already been approved by Cornwall Council in between meetings.


Page 2 Min.315/19 Sheds erected on the junction of Belowda:-  Clerk reported that Cornwall Councillor J. Wood is continuing to follow this matter up, however, with Covid-19 a lot of matters are currently on hold Action: Keep Pending.  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood advised that enforcement is looking at this but nothing to report currently.


Page 2 Min.289/19 Caravans in Roche Parish at Tregoss:-  Clerk reported that Cornwall Councillor J. Wood is continuing to follow this matter up, however, with Covid-19 a lot of matters are currently on hold Action: Keep Pending.  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood advised that enforcement is looking at this but nothing to report currently.


Page 2 Min.117/20 Works by MPL in Playing Fields:-  Clerk reported that Danny from MPL had not responded to further email sent.  She had since contacted Cormac and they had sent a response which had been dealt with, to be approved later this evening.


Page 2 Min.179/20 Fitting and Supply of Basketball Hoops and Backboards:-  Clerk reported apologies had been received as they need to speak to the Scheduling Department and arrange a new date to instal, this has now been arranged to attend on Thursday 19th November, with Councillor G. Rowe being first point of contact on this date Action: Keep Pending.


Page 2 Min.231/20 Nominations for Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall:-  Clerk reported a response had been received and an email apologising for the delay and in the meantime the Lord-Lieutenant has sent a thank you card to the Parish Council - as a general thank you to the Roche community - which is as per the Parish Council's original request/suggestion. Having considered the much fuller list of nominated groups, but without any specific details of their work during the pandemic to enable him to consider their individual merits, the Lord-Lieutenant feels it is probably best to leave things as they are, with the community having had a general thank you for their efforts during this difficult time.


Page 6 Min.272/20 Information on PCSO:-  Clerk reported St. Dennis confirmed they were only looking at additional enforcement via a service level agreement, not the engagement of a PCSO, although this would be of benefit to us all.  Due to the fact that all other Parishes are happy with the ad-hoc visits they have decided not to investigate the matter further.






Clerk/ Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood


Clerk/ Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood







Clerk/ Cllr. G. Rowe












Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Any Letters received for or against any Planning Applications:-  Clerk reported that proposals for planning applications will be sent with the following statement:-  Due to the restrictions placed on the Parish Council as a result of the pandemic coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of Members of Roche Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the Parish Council.


Chairman reported following an online meeting with the Clerk it has been agreed going forward plans will be downloaded from Cornwall Council’s Planning Portal to be shared in the meetings.

Planning Applications:-


For Information Only PA20/02299/PREAPP – Ms. Felicity Wood and Mr. Andrew McIndoe – Pre-application advice for a home office and yoga space in the garden of the applicant’s house, The Old Chapel, Tremodrett Lane, Roche


Planning Results:-


PA20/07038 – Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner – Proposed conservatory extension and vehicular access, 24 Mayfield Drive, Roche – Approved


PA20/03740 – Mr. Ian Armstrong – Reserved Matters application for appearance, scale and landscaping following outline approval PA17/02121 dated 8th May 2020 for the construction of B1 Unit and 6 Residential Units (Plots 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 and 10), Storage Units at Withiel Turning, Withiel, Road, Roche – Approved


PA20/07819 – Mr. & Mrs. Tony and Jean Carhart – Demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with a dormer bungalow, Lelanta, Penstraze Lane, Victoria, Roche – Approved


PA20/08396 – CRHA – The proposed scheme aims to deliver a pitched roofed, single storey, bedroom and bathroom extension to enable ground floor living for a disabled occupant, Harmony Meadow, Roche – Approved  













Monthly Accounts for Approval:- It was proposed that the Council approve the accounts for payments as listed below as circulated on schedule (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey;  Seconded: Councillor P. Jones) Motion Carried

Salaries, Pensions, National Insurance, Income Tax and Expenses


November 2020

British Gas – Electric for Toilets



Glebe Quarry for 1st Call Skip Hire


Skips – Dug Outs

South West Drains Limited


Drain Clearance

Cornwall Council – NNDR November 2020


Mortuary Building

Mrs. J. Burdon



Crystal Clear – Waste Bins/Litter Picking


October 2020

Crystal Clear – Bus Shelter Cleaning


November 2020

Wayne Kendall



Arthur Gallagher Insurance


Additional Premium

Cornwall Waste Solutions Limited


Empty Waste Bin

Duchy Cemetery’s Limited – Interment



Wicksteed Leisure Limited


Harness for Swings

Crystal Clear


Graffitti Cleaning

Lanhydrock Garden Services





Harris Fencing



Harris Fencing

Receipt: Graham Rowe – Reservation



Receipt: Paul Bourton Funerals



Receipt: Paul Bourton Funerals



Receipt: Cornwall Council - Interest


September 2020

Receipt: Cornwall Council - Interest


October 2020

Receipt: Lloyds Bank – Interest


November 2020


















Discussion on Parish Council Email Addresses for Councillors and Costs involved:-  Chairman reported the Clerk is reviewing behind the scenes over the next couple of months and will report in due course and include on the next agenda.




Discussion on Professional Version of Microsoft Teams Software for holding on-line Meeting and Costs Involved:-  Chairman reported the Clerk is reviewing behind the scenes over the next couple of months and will report in due course and include on the next agenda.





Approval of Budget and Setting of Annual Precept:-  It was agreed to approve the budget and set the annual precept at the next meeting after further investigation of figures and fill in blanks and queries, noting skateboard comments, defibrillator, small grants only, emails and online software platform Action: Clerk.






Cemetery Matters (Including (a) Any Applications for Memorials or Inscription; (b) Request for a Tablet on a War Grave):-  Application received from Kerrow Memorials for additional inscription for the late Lillian Maude Bennetts Action: It was resolved to accept this application as per our rules and regulations, ensuring correct payment is made before any work is carried out (Proposed: Councillor P. Jones; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett) Motion Carried.


Application received from Robert Lawrence Memorials for new memorial for the late Thelma Fitter Action: It was resolved to accept this application as per our rules and regulations, ensuring correct payment is made before any work is carried out (Proposed: Councillor P. Jones; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett) Motion Carried.


Request for a Tablet on a War Grave:-  Request received from parishioner advising his Grandfather, Edwin John May (1894-1934) is buried in Roche Cemetery in the same grave as his Son, Albert May, who died in 1942. The headstone is a War Graves standard recording Albert’s death only.  Because there is no mention of his Grandfather, he asked whether it would be possible to place a table at the grave so that he is also remembered as being laid there to rest. It was resolved to allow for a tablet to be installed, with costs accordingly charged (Proposed: Councillor D. Yelland; Seconded: Councillor P. Jones) Action: Clerk.


















Discussion on Waste Bins in the Village and Large Waste Bin in Cemetery and possible changes required to the Contract:-  Councillor M. Edyvean reported the way we run waste bins is a little bit of a grey area.  A composting idea was also suggested.  All the waste from bins in the cemetery are put out for general collection.  This is waste generated from the Cemetery and waste from around the village is Council general waste.  We have always put out in the same area, but unfortunately other people have been putting rubbish out.  He believes we should be putting in the large waste bin from Cornwall Waste Solutions in the Cemetery from the Cemetery waste or come up with another way of disposing of.  It was agreed that if any complaints are received, we would obtain skips in to clear and then arrange a further waste bin in the Cemetery and wait for any new waste process to come into play in 2022 (Proposed: Councillor P. Jones; Seconded: Councillor D. Yelland).


It was further proposed to allow an additional half hour for emptying waste bins and cleaning of the Playing Fields Action: Clerk to inform Crystal Clear.














Minor Repairs/Works in the Parish that may arise (Including (a) Broken Bench at the Duck Pond to be reported by Councillor D. Yelland; (b) Quotation received for works to Cemetery Gates, Park Gate, School Hedge, Cricket Gate, Coin Gateway to be reported by Councillor M. Edyvean):- 


Broken Bench at the Duck Pond:-  Councillor D. Yelland reported on a broken bench at the Duck Pond and problems with others on site also, advising they all need looking at.  It was proposed that Cornwall Councillor J. Wood reports to Cornwall Council under health and safety to get someone to deal with, Councillor D. Yelland to forward some photographs to Cornwall Councillor J. Wood in the meantime Action: Councillor D. Yelland/Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.


Quotation received for works to Cemetery Gates, Park Gate, School Hedge, Cricket Gate, Coin Gateway:- It was agreed this matter would be looked at and agreed under Closed Session this evening.


Lions Club of Roche reported following discussions with Trebonney's Fish and Chip Shop, they are happy to allow the Lions Club of Roche to plant and maintain the flower bed outside the shop front. The Club feels that such a community effort would positively enhance the village profile and view. It was resolved to agree with this proposal as it would tidy up this area (Proposed: Councillor P. Jones; Seconded: Councillor G. Rowe) Action: Clerk.


The Lions Club of Roche also seeks permission to place trough planters at the entrance of the village at Edgcumbe Road and at Higher Trezaise next Spring and would be grateful if the Parish Council could let them know if they are willing to allow this.  Clerk advised that the Roche WI had put some flower tubs up by the village entrance signs around the village which look very nice and suggested, perhaps the Lions Club of Roche could liaise with the Roche WI to put in other areas of the village not already utilised?  It was resolved to confirm The Lions Club of Roche liaise with Roche WI and jointly arrange areas they will put the flower boxes (Proposed: Councillor P. Jones; Seconded: Councillor J. Wood) Action: Clerk.


Councillor M. Edyvean reported Roche Young Farmers Club had walked around and noticed that all signs into Roche are damaged and not looking good. One at Rock Styles appears to be in a very poor condition.  It was noted that if signs are hanging off it could be reported by Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.  He would point out the poor condition of our signs and possibly the Parish Council make a small donation Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.

Chairman advised after speaking to Rachael Tatlow of Cormac some time ago, it was noted that some of the signs would be reviewed when the new road is built.





Cllr. D. Yelland/Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood



















Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood



Additional Clothing Bank to be installed in Roche Football Club Car Park:-  Clerk reported she had spoken with The Salvation Army who confirmed this had been put on site in October 2006, but they can find no record of this and have nothing to confirm who agreed it. They do not pay any ground rent for this or any for any of their other banks.  They currently have a bank in the Co-op Car Park, along with a Shop in the village.  If the Parish Council wanted it removed it would just be a telephone call to arrange.


It was resolved to request for it to be removed and allowing the new clothing bank to be installed with an annual donation for ground rent (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett) Action: Clerk and to include in the Parish Magazine.











Playing Fields and Hardcourt Area:-  Chairman reported he had not been able to arrange a meeting on the skateboard park due to the new lockdown and this would be carried out when time permits.


Clerk reported one quotation had been received for repairs due to the annual Rospa report, to be discussed under the Closed Meeting this evening.




Roche Public Conveniences/Bus Shelters:-  Clerk reported there had been some remedial repairs in the toilets, along with drain clearance.


Chairman asked whether Cornwall Councillor J. Wood had got anywhere with changing of the seats in the bus shelters on Fore Street?  Cornwall Councillor John Wood would follow up as he had not had chance  Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood.


It was noted that the two bus shelters at Victoria need to be included in the cleaning schedule, Chairman asked if Councillors would be in favour for these to be cleaned monthly (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey) Action: Clerk to arrange with Crystal Clear.


Councillor P. Ames made his apologies and left the meeting at 7.20pm.



Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood







Footpath Signs/Matters:-   Clerk reported she had put in the application for the LMP Footpath Funding for the financial year up to March 2021 as the two cuts had been made and paperwork received from our Contractor.




Working Group Party for the Village - Street/Road Signs in the Village/Parish and general tidy up of the Village/Parish as a whole:- Clerk reported a report had been received from Vicky which had been circulated as follows - The last litter pick for the year went well there were 6 in attendance. Councillors D. Yelland G. Rowe from the Parish Council, along with two other regular people who have attended before, including herself and her Partner.  They collected 6 bags and a few larger bits. The next litter collect  will be in January.  So much of the litter is drinks/food packaging. She is guessing it would cost the Parish Council to have any glass/plastic recycling points in the village.  She knows just having the litter bins means they need to be emptied, just a thought.  Also, she asked what the Parish Council thought about having a composter/area for flowers in the cemetery which would save on the amount of waste having to be removed? It looks like plastic is already recycled separately.


Councillor M. Edyvean and Chairman believes composting idea would not be a good idea and we would not want to go back to this again. 




Articles for Parish Council Website/Newsletter:- Clerk reported in liaison with the Chairman and Councillor J. Wood a joint report had been created for the December issue with all the good work the Parish Council has achieved over the last year. 


Councillor J. Wood reported on the joint report advising he had also included an article in the Parish Magazine for Brian Higman and his achievements and thanking him and the reward was well received.




Correspondence – Clerk listed correspondence and actions required:-

1.    Great Western Railway – Rail Improvement works in your area

2.    Cornwall Council – Town & Parish Council Covid-19 Update – 16th October, 30th October, 6th November 2020

3.    CALC – Remembrance Sunday

4.    CALC – Hoax Emails

5.    Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – Management Plan Survey and Job Vacancy

6.    Cornwall Council – China Clay Community Network Panel – Meeting Notes

7.    Cornwall Community Flood Forum – Invitation to Annual Conference to be held on Friday 6th November 2020 online

8.    Paul Holden – Buildings at Risk Project

9.    Cornwall Council – Re-opening Community Venues

10. Cornwall Council – Code of Conduct Virtual Training

11. Cornwall Council – Confidential: Setting alert for Covid Cases

12. Cornwall Council – Covid-19 Information Packs

13. Cornwall Council – Webinar – Community Buildings and Covid-19 – 29th October – Information to circulate

14. Children’s Hospice South West – Santa’s on the Run – Goes Freestyle

15. Cornwall Development Company – Re-opening High Streets Safety Fund

16. Cornwall Council – Climate Change Workshop Group - 25th November 2020

17. Treverbyn Community Hall – Lots of classes starting in the Hall

18. Cornwall 365 Project – What’s On

19. Great Western Railway – Upcoming weekend rail improvement works

20. Cornwall Council – Local Council Planning Conference 2020 – Invitation to our next even on 26th November 2020 at 4.30pm

21. Cornwall Council – Update on Covid Cases in your area

22. CALC – Meetings, 6-month rule and letting of community buildings

23. Cormac – Town & Parish Council – Highways and Environmental Update

24. CALC – Coronavirus Update

25. CALC – Remembrance Sunday Events under Covid 19

26. Cornwall Council – Cornwall Waste Handling Sites – Covid-19

27. Great Western Railway – Services during lockdown

28. Cornwall Council – Cornwall Community Governance Review – Outcomes

29. Cornwall Council – Budget Consultation

30. Cornwall Council – Your latest Newsletter from Cornwall Planning: Planning News for Local Councils and Agents (October 2020)

31. Cornwall Council Pensions – Exit Cap Information for LGPS Employers

32. St. Wenn Parish Council – Neighbourhood Development Plan

33. Cormac – Highways & Environment – Keeping Cornwall Moving

34. Cornwall Council – Re-Opening Community Venues – Postpone Meeting

35. CALC – Armistice Day

36. CALC – New dates for Steve Parkinson Finance Online Training Courses

37. CALC – Cornwall Council Funding Briefing: Follow-up Meeting

38. Cornwall Council – Voluntary & Community Sector Covid-19 Update – 10th November 2020

39. CALC – New Steve Parkinson Online Training – Further information on Course Content

40. CALC – Grant Funding available

41. Cornwall Council – Dog Fouling Signs

42. Office for National Statistics – Census 2021

43. Clerks & Councillors Direct Magazine




To arrange any Sub-Committee Meetings required:-  None.




Any Urgent Matters the Chairman considers relevant for this meeting:- Email received from Dylan Myers in respect of a proposal to the Parish Council to see if they could utilise some parking at the Roche Football Club Car Park for the duration of the building work at the Poachers site.  He believes they would need between 8-10 spaces which would be adequate and would be needed Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.00pm.


It was resolved to agree to this use during the build, not a problem but it might well be as a gratitude of saying thank you we may like a small donation or repair work in the village.  There was a suggestion if the weather was really bad, we would allow one vehicle to park to use as a taxi service for staff going to and fro (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor P. Jones) Action: Clerk.











Date of next Meeting:- Wednesday the 9th December 2020 at 6.30pm in the Roche Victory Hall Large Committee Meeting Roche, Roche Victory Hall or via Microsoft Teams depending on the Country’s status next month.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 7.25pm








Signature:     ………………………………………………




Date:               9th December 2020