Cllr. D. Inch


Mrs. J. Burdon

(Parish Clerk)

Cllr. G. Rowe




Cllr. P. Jones

Cllr. Mrs. S. Tippett

Cllr. Mrs. J. Oxenham



Cllr. D. Yelland

Cllr. M. Edyvean

Cllr. P. Ames



Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood

Peter Guest

Brian Blake







Apologies:- Councillor Mrs. J. Norris.


Cornwall Councillor J. Wood suggested checking in at 6.20pm for the next meeting to ensure everyone has their sound, videos etc., turned on and ready to go, he advised they do this for Cornwall Council, and it works well.  Councillors agreed this was a good idea Action: Clerk to note on the agenda.







Public Forum:-  Chairman welcomed Peter Guest and Brian Blake to the meeting this evening.


Brian Blake attended in respect of policing in the Parish.  He advised he is the Liberal Democratic candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner.   They have to set the budget which is £236m.  There is a separate fund from the Home Office of £7m for other areas. There is the Police and Crime Panel for local Councillors throughout Devon and Cornwall, who have to approve the budget and police crime plan. Tomorrow he will be meeting with the Deputy Chief Constable and he would be happy to take forward any comments from the Roche area.  Chairman advised our biggest request would be to see the return of our local policeman to deal with a lot of the petty crimes.  Since our last one left, we have seen a lot of anti-social behaviour and vandalism.  We need someone visible to build up the trust of the locals and youngsters.  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood agreed with this and wanted to ensure there is more policing for all the clay areas.  Brian Blake would take this matter forward. 


Peter Guest reported he has a meeting with the Conservative candidate of the PCC, and he is also happy to mention these concerns as well and he would be happy to arrange for her to write to the Clerk. Chairman said any correspondence to be forwarded to the Clerk to be circulated to the Councillors would be gratefully received.




Members Declaration of Interest on items raised on the Agenda/Requests for Dispensation:- None.




Monthly Cornwall Councillor Report:- Cornwall Councillor J. Wood reported as follows:-

·       New Link Road – it looks like works will commence in July 2021.  This is being held up with issues surrounding the common land and the Minister wants to come down to visit, this will be in March.  Planning and compulsory purchases are all exchanged. It should take just over two years to develop.  Benefits and upgrading to village cannot be carried out until work is finished on the road, to ensure the traffic is away from the village to avoid further congestion.

·       From the last meeting he has arranged a meeting with Ashleigh Lewis at Colbiggan regarding his planning concerns for this Saturday.

·       Mrs. Carkeek’s planning concerns – he is arranging a meeting with her to follow up and will report back.

·       Trelavour Pit – he attended a special clay meeting today and asked for an urgent meeting with Directors of Cornwall Lithium Company as we do not want to just extract lithium, we want to do something with it.  We want to ask their plans, intentions, volume of lithium they expect, and to ask if it is worth Cornwall Council getting involved.

Chairman thanked Cornwall Councillor J. Wood for his report this evening.




Confirmation of Parish Minutes from the Monthly Meeting held on the 13th January 2021:- Resolved the Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on the 13th January 2021 as circulated were confirmed as a true and accurate record and to be duly signed by the Chairman (Proposed: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett; Seconded: Councillor P. Jones)




Matters Arising from the Monthly Minutes of the Meeting held on the 13th January 2021:-


Min.2/21 Update on Vaccines:-  Email received from Sarah Hearl advising they are on our second lot of five-day clinics and found out that they are not due another batch this week. By the end of Monday last week now, they will have vaccinated approximately 90% of patients who are either aged 69 and over or are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable. They are then visiting housebound patients over the next week or so to make sure that they are all vaccinated. They are not sure what the CCGs forward plan is at the moment, but the feeling is that we will have to wait for other PCNs to catch up before we get another delivery of vaccine. There is a mass vaccination site in the mid-Cornwall area - Sithians Showground has opened and both Roche Pharmacy and Reeds in Truro are taking bookings online, but they are not sure if or when The Royal Cornwall Showground will open or if there will be another bigger site nearer to us.  It was agreed to send a letter of thanks from the Parish Council for their efforts and congratulate them on how excellent everything went, and the brilliant feedback heard. As a Parish Council we pushed for the right thing to be done and we did everything in our powers to help them with the vaccinations and the Roche Victory Hall  was offered free of charge and thanks to Parish Council for supporting (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor J. Wood) Action: Clerk. 


Page 4 Min.310/20 Caravans in Roche Parish, including Victoria and other areas:-  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood is hoping to get Chris Cooper-Young and Jonathan Drew to our next meeting regarding the issues with enforcement and caravans popping up Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood to in invite them to the meeting of the Parish Council.


Page 4 Min.315/19 Sheds erected on the junction of Belowda:-  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood is hoping to get Chris Cooper-Young and Jonathan Drew to our next meeting regarding the issues with enforcement and caravans popping up Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood to in invite them to the meeting of the Parish Council.


Page 4 Min.289/19 Caravans in Roche Parish at Tregoss:- Cornwall Councillor J. Wood is hoping to get Chris Cooper-Young and Jonathan Drew to our next meeting regarding the issues with enforcement and caravans popping up Action: Cornwall Councillor J. Wood to in invite them to the meeting of the Parish Council.

Page 4 Min.296/20 Damaged Signs entering the Village:-  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood reported he is waiting for detailed costings.  It was agreed to leave in abeyance until the new road goes through.


Page 4 Min.297/20 Clothes Bank in Football Club Car Park:-  Clerk reported the new clothing bank had now been installed in the Car Park, invoice has been sent and paid for the first year’s ground rent.


Page 6 Min.9/21 Precept:-  A response had been received acknowledging receipt of the Parish Council’s additional information in relation to the annual precept notification for 2021/2022.


Page 6 Min.10/21 Solar Grant for Bell Tower:-  Email received from St. Gomonda’s Church on behalf of the Bellringers to thank the Parish Council for the grant towards the cost of the bell ropes. The ropes are being replaced at this time, however due to the Covid situation we not able to use or invite the Council Members for ago at the art of Bellringing at this time. The Account to pay the grant to, is the one we presented in the application of the grant. Once again many Thanks for the money and we will attach photos at a later date, once finished.


Page 7 Min.14/21 Removal of Metal Shed in Cemetery:-  Clerk reported this had now been removed and disposed of at a cost of £190.00.


Page 7 Min.14/21 Moles in Cemetery and Playing Fields:-  Clerk reported that Keith Perks had confirmed he was waiting for the ground to dry up.


Page 7 Min.18/21 Repairs to Play Equipment:-  Clerk reported that Cormac had now advised the parts had arrived and the team were on site today.  Councillor M. Edyvean reported they carried out most of the work today, however, due to cold weather could not do wet pour and one other job.

















Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood



Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood



Cwll. Cllr. J. Wood






Planning Applications/Results/Correspondence/Any Letters received for or against any Planning Applications:-  Clerk reported that proposals for planning applications will be sent with the following statement:-  Due to the restrictions placed on the Parish Council as a result of the pandemic coronavirus, this response represents the opinion of Members of Roche Parish Council identified through a consultation process and will be ratified at the next appropriate meeting of the Parish Council.


Planning Applications:-

PA20/11008 – Mr. Richard Freeman, Pivotal Development Services Limited – Change of use from 16-bed HMO to supported living centre (C2). The construction of a 2-storey side and rear extension, first and second floor addition over existing single storey structure, installation of external stair and 8 roof lights to the main building known as Glencoe and the construction of a single storey side extension to an existing outbuilding to facilitate conversion to 10 no. supported living units with community hub, meeting room and office (C2). All associated site works including landscaping, 22 Harmony Road, Roche – Support (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett)


PA20/11242 – Mr. & Mrs. Nathan & Jo McCartney – Revised Reserved Matters for the Re-design of Plot 3 (appearance, landscaping and scale) of Reserved Matters Approval PA20/00929 dated 9th April 2020 for the construction of four dwellings, Storage Units at Withiel Turning, Withiel Road, Withiel – Support (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor P. Jones)

PA21/00482 – Mr. M. Morcom – Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed machinery shed, Trerank Farm, Higher Trerank Lane, Roche – Support (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor P. Jones)


PA21/00862 – Mr. & Mrs. W. Cash – Proposed side extension, 8 Thornton Close, Roche – Extension of Time Granted for the next Agenda


PA21/00904 – Mr. Paul Crocker – Full planning for a pair of four-bedroom semi-detached dwellings, Land Rear of 8 Wheal Rose, Roche Road, Bugle – Extension of Time Granted for the next Agenda


For Information Only - PA21/00013/PREAPP – Rochelle Bradbury – Pre-application advice for an eco-friendly, quiet couples retreat, construction of 8 PEFC timber structures, Falbrook Cottage, Reeshill Road, Reeshill, Roche Action: It was resolved to respond that there is a total lack of information with regards to this pre-application, the Parish Council would require more information, we do have concerns this could be going against the Neighbourhood Plan for Roche.


Planning Results Received:-


PA20/09996 – Mr. John Stanhope – Two storey rear extension to create dining room and two bedrooms, Windy Willows, Bodmin Road, Bilberry, Bugle - Approved

































Monthly Accounts for Approval:- It was proposed that the Council approve the accounts for payments as listed below as circulated on schedule (Proposed: Councillor G. Rowe;  Seconded: Councillor P. Jones) Motion Carried

Salaries, Pensions, National Insurance, Income Tax and Expenses


February 2021



Colour Toner






Colour Toners

British Gas – Electric for Toilets



HCI Data – Renew Domain Name


2 Year Period

Clear-Flow – Public Conveniences


Drain Clearance

Crystal Clear – Waste Bins/Litter Picking


January 2021

Complete Office Solutions Limited


Postage Stamps

Cornwall Waste Solutions Limited


Empty Waste Bin

DMC IT – Website Updating


January 2021

Crystal Clear – Bus Shelter Cleaning


February 2021

C.W. Kendall


Remove Shed

C.W. Kendall


Hardcourt Works

AJH Services – Toilet Cleaning


February 2021

Receipt: Amazon



Receipt: Alf Crocker/Bosom Buddies


Ground Rent

Receipt: HMRC – VAT Reimbursement


December 2020

Receipt: Catherine Towsey – Ashes



Receipt: HMRC – VAT Reimbursement


September 2020

Receipt: Daniel Tresise & Sons Masons



Receipt: Lloyds Bank – Interest


February 2021

Receipt: Cornwall Council – Interest


January 2021

Receipt: Roche Racing Pigeon Club


Ground Rent

















Roche Aid in Sickness Update:- Chairman asked how we raise awareness, is the way it run fit for purpose, should it come back to the Parish Council and should the defibrillator maintenance come out of this fund?


Councillor Mrs. J. Oxenham reported it is a Charitable Committee. The funds were from the sale of the Temperance Hall years ago.  The money is to aid people of Roche in sickness or sickness related incidents.  Currently there is no great advertising for this.  Currently the pharmacy has applications for this and the doctor’s surgery.  It is not a Parish Council Committee; it is a Committee in its own rights.  Covid has made it difficult to keep up with meetings.  Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett advised it is not a foodbank type of thing or for any other charity aid, it is for people that are sick, travelling to and from appointments to hospitals further away for longer lengths of times, etc.  There was only one application last year.  Cornwall Councillor J. Wood reported it is a quietly known fund available for the purposes mentioned and run by sensitive people as an emergency buffer.  He does not believe it would be the right thing for the Parish Council to take over. Often the Lions Club will help with these type of requests as well.  Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett reported it can be abused and some applications are turned down, hence the reason it is not advertised and exposed due to these reasons.


Councillor M. Edyvean reported he believes there is no income.  Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett reported the funds are in shares and it is the interest from the shares only that is distributed.  Councillor M. Edyvean suggested, therefore, the Parish Council should fund the Defibrillator for the village themselves.


Chairman suggested a report on a quarterly or half yearly basis would be beneficial, so the Parish Council has a little bit of an understanding.  Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett suggested a yearly report would be appropriate of funds passed out, omitting details of parishioners, to keep things confidential.  She believes they need to be careful as not to over advertise Action: Annual Report at the AGM Meeting once a year, either inviting the Chairman or representatives of the Committee (Proposed: Councillor D. Inch; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. I. Northey)
























Commencement of reviewing the following documents - (a) Review and Approve Risk Management Policy; (b) Review and Approve Parish Risk Assessment Policy; (c) Review and Approve Standing Orders and Chairmanship; (d) Review and Approve the Model Code of Conduct for Parish and Town Councils; (e) Review and Approve Financial Regulations (Including Annual Reserves and List of Regular Payments for the year; (f) Review and Approve Statement of Internal Audit; (g) Review of Investment Strategy; (g) Review of Segregation of Duties; (h) Review and Approval Asset Register:- It was resolved to accept all policies as set out and circulated (Proposed: Councillor J. Wood; Seconded: Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett) Action: Clerk.










Cemetery Matters (Including any applications for Memorials or Inscriptions):-  None.




Minor Repairs/Works in the Parish that may arise:-  None.




Support Project for the Village:-  Clerk listed suggestions received so far – noticeboard, clean bottom of duck pond and around the area and sort out he middle and perhaps replace the duck houses, other suggestion to possibly paint the front of the Roche Victory Hall.


Chairman suggested when work commences at the Poachers site, himself and Councillor J. Wood to go to meet and see what they can achieve financially Action: Chairman/Councillor J. Wood.





Chair/ Cllr. J. Wood



Playing Fields and Hardcourt Area:-  Chairman reported that Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett has carried out some excellent work in respect of skateboard park equipment and information, he thanked her for all the hard work on this.  The cost was approximately £100,000 but this was before any negotiation.  Two suggested plans were shown on screen by the Chairman and was made out of concrete.  Drainage would be put in for the area and dug out.  Both proposals were the same cost.  Concrete would last a lot longer and be safer and lower maintenance, compared to pipes and metal, which would also make a lot of noise. Councillors Mrs. S. Tippett is meeting two other companies over the next couple of weeks, initially she has only met Wicksteed.  Councillor J. Wood asked about delivery and installation timescales.  Councillor Mrs. S. Tippett reported that the company would like to consult with the youngsters for their preference and get planning and hopefully should be able to get installed this summer.  We would end up with a play area/park fit for purpose and give our youngsters something to do.  Councillor P. Ames was against the proposal purely on a financial basis and suggested resident’s opposite should be consulted with regards to this.  All other Councillors were in favour.  Councillor J. Wood advised there could be other funds available to assist financially.  We are in favour as a Parish Council, so the next actions are to speak to other companies for their quotations and designs.  It was suggested to obtain three competitive prices to be able to apply for other funding.  Skateboard Park as an agenda item next month Action: Clerk.


















Roche Public Conveniences/Bus Shelters (Including Costs and Support for Bus Shelter Seating in the Wooden Shelters):-  Quotation for Bus Shelter Seating received in the sum of £670.00 each plus vat.  Councillor J. Wood advised we need to meet with bus users for their opinions on the different style of seats proposed for their opinion.  Chairman suggested someone visiting the Bus Shelter and speak to a few people and ask for their opinions.  Councillor D. Yelland offered to do this.  It was agreed if all negative comments are received not to go forward, however if positive information could be included in the Pharmacy and Coop, along with Facebook for comments.  Once information is available to deal with via email so as not to wait another month to deal with Action: Councillor D. Yelland/Clerk.






Cllr. D. Yelland/Clerk



Footpath Signs/Matters:-  Clerk to drop David Edwards an email for any comments on the footpaths Action: Clerk.




Working Group Party for the Village - Street/Road Signs in the Village/Parish and general tidy up of the Village/Parish as a whole:- No report this month.




Articles for Parish Council Website/Newsletter:- It was agreed to include information on next litter pick Action: Clerk.




Correspondence – Clerk listed correspondence and actions required:-

1.     Cornwall Council – Town & Parish Council Covid-19 Update – 15th January; 22nd January, 29th January; 5th February 2021

2.     Cornwall Council – Voluntary & Community Sector Covid-19 Update – 15th January; 29th January 2021

3.     CALC – Briefing on Meetings and Gatherings

4.     Great Western Railway – Customer and Stakeholder Report for 2019/20

5.     Ocean Group Stakeholder Survey 2020

6.     CALC – Cornwall Council Par Parks

7.     Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Facebook Live Meeting 12.30pm Tuesday 19th January 2021

8.     Great Western Railway – Timetable Changes from 25th January 2021

9.     CALC – Land Registry & Localism Strategy Launch Meeting via Microsoft Teams on Monday 25th January 2021 at 10am

10. Highways England – A30 Cornwall acoustic fence replacement

11. Arthritis Action – Online Arthritis Support

12. Alan Percy, Chairman Cubert Parish Council – Affordable Housing Cascades and Percentages

13. Great Western Railway – Upcoming Rail Improvement works in your area

14. Cornwall Council – LMP Scheme 2021/2022

15. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – In conversation with Chief Superintendent Nikki Leaper

16. Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – A Monumental Improvement Community Survey

17. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Warning – NHS/Coronavirus Scam

18. CALC – Section 137 Expenditure Limit 2021-2022

19. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Results from recent Annual Survey

20. Cornwall Council – Confidential: Alert for Covid Cases

21. CALC – Updates and the future of Virtual Meetings

22. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – People, prevention and technology at the heart of the next Devon and Cornwall Police Budget

23. CALC – Polling Station Survey – Help Needed

24. Devon & Cornwall Police – How to contact the police in a non-emergency

25. Devon & Cornwall Police – Road Safety Strategy Scrutiny – Councillor Advocate Focus Group

26. Devon & Cornwall Police – Crime Panel Virtual Meeting to be held on Friday 5th February 2021 at 10.30am

27. Cornwall Waste Solutions – Business Development Manager – Introduction and Services available

28. Cornwall Council – China Clay Community Network Panel Meeting to be held on Monday 8th February 2021 at 7.00pm on Microsoft Teams

29. CALC – Cornish businesses asked to help share testing plans

30. CALC – Steve Parkinson Finance Courses: New Dates for Year-End Account & Audit in March

31. CALC – Briefings on Elections and a return to physical meetings

32. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Unanimous approval for Police Commissioner’s plans to boost frontline staff

33. Steve Double MP – Register for a Postal Vote

34. Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner – Special Constables/Recruitment now open

35. Steve Double MP – January E-News Update

36. Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust – Looking for Non-Executive Director to join its Board

37. Cormac – Town & Parish Council – Highways & Environment Update

38. Cornwall Council – Planning News for Local Councils and Agents – February 2021




To arrange any Sub-Committee Meetings required:-  None.




Any Urgent Matters the Chairman considers relevant for this meeting:- None.




Date of next Meeting:- Wednesday the 10th March 2021 at 6.30pm in the Roche Victory Hall Large Committee Meeting Roche, Roche Victory Hall or via Microsoft Teams depending on the Country’s status next month, ensuring to remind Councillors to log in at 6.20pm to ensure everyone is available to start the meeting at 6.30pm Action: Clerk.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 7.47pm









Signature:     ………………………………………………




Date:            10th March 2021